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Q: How does increase in tendon strength help you in sport?
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Does softball help increase muscle strength?


What benefits will you get for playing sports help your muscular endurance?

Playing a sport with a high tempo where participants are continually keeping a high heart rate will help over time to increase their cardiovascular strength which will help improve stamina.

How can a teenager use science to help improve his or her skills in a sport?

No science, practice and grow in strength

Who the tendon help your body?


How does strength help in Gaelic football?

Gaelic Football is a physical contact sport, so strength is important. Players have to move fast and get tackled hard, so they need strength.

Why do you need gymnasium?

you can use it to increase your flexibility and strength which will help you alot once you get old

How can you make a softball go farther?

The speed of the bat will help your ball go farther. rotation should be fast. Increase in core strength and leg strength will help on the rotation

What is the Achilles tendon and what does it help move?

The Achilles Tendon is necessary to hold you up so you can walk.

How do you build stronger wrists?

Doing repetitions of wrist curl would help you increase your wrist strength.

How can strength assist gymnastics performance?

Strength is one of the key elements of gymnastics. It can basically assist ANYTHING. The more strength you have, the easier gymnastics will be for you. Gymnastics is a VERY intensive sport. For Women's Artistic Gymnastics strength will help on every event.

Do strength training shoes really help athletic performance?

Yes strength shoes will improve your athletic performance. It will make you legs stronger and increase your speed and agility.

How do steriods affect sport performance?

Steroids help build strength, making sports performers more spectacular until they get caught

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