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Q: Does softball help increase muscle strength?
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How can you make a softball go farther?

The speed of the bat will help your ball go farther. rotation should be fast. Increase in core strength and leg strength will help on the rotation

What are some good softball drills to increase arm strength throwing power?

Softball drills usually help on accuracy and consistency. One drill that may help with throwing strength would be long throw drills especially for midfielders. If you really want to increase in throwing strength add weight training to your training program and make sure to follow a progressive plan and train for power after you have gained muscular strength.

When should you take creatine?

Any one looking to gain lean muscle tissue can take creatine. It will help gain lean muscle and increase strength.

How do you increase your fastball pitch in softball?

If you've had your mechanics checked and is consistent with your pitches conditioning is next for you. Having a conditioning program will surely increase your speed. A program focusing on core, leg strength will help.

Will muscle strength supplements help me build my scrawny frame?

Yes, muscle strength supplements can help you build your scrawny frame. You also need to do some weight training.

How does increase in tendon strength help you in sport?


What physical activity will help you improve and maintain both muscle strength and muscle endurance?


What physical activity will help you improve and maintain both muscle strength and muscle endurance.?


What are the benefits of Namaste Yoga?

Namaste yoga can help both the body and the soul. Physically, it will help tone your body, build muscle strength, and increase flexibility. Mentally, it can help relieve stress and produce humility.

How does excercise help your muscles?

Exercise help you increase the quantities of Actin and Myosin as well as increase the size of your muscle

How does running help you and what body parts?

it builds muscle and improves cardio vascular strength

How does muscle strength help you in life?

Honestly, intelligence is a much greater quality than muscle strength. If you have no way of gaining more intelligence, than I suggest that you get a job that does not require such a quality.

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