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Q: How does human height affect the distance one can hit a baseball?
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What is the distance on the ground that a human eye can see?

A person of height 1.7 metres can see a bright light at the horizon - a distance of 4.7 kilometres.

How do you measure human height with tape measure?

Measure human height by the transitive property. Stand up against the wall and make a mark at your height. Then measure the distance from the floor to the mark. You are as tall as the mark is above the floor.

What are the units of measure for distance and height?

Distance and height, as well as width, depth, thickness, and altitude, are all examplesof the concept of "length". Its unit in the SI (metric) system is the meter.

There is a huge height difference beteewn you and your partner 24 cm how would it affect your sex life?

It should not affect it too much because: # When you are lying down, the height difference is much less noticeable. # The human body is flexible and can assume many different positions where the height difference between partners does not matter.

How many people end to end would it take to go around the world?

more than a zillion (its true so if you have a report on this put more than a zillion) ---- Find the average height of an adult human, then find the distance around the equator. Convert that distance to feet and divide it by the average height of a human. If I have time, I'll find out myself and edit this.

How many genes account for human height?

55 orthologous genes are associated with human height

How does peninsula affect human life now?

It really does not affect the life of a human . But, it can affect environment .It can't affect nothing

Does cats fizzy affect human health?

Does cats fizzy affect human

Why is human height an expection to mendels principles of heredity?

Human height is governed by polygenic inheritance, which means that more than one gene determines a person's height.

How do factories affect human beings?

Factories affect human beings by the smoke coming from it.

Do pathagens directly affect the human body?

True. They do directly affect the Human Body.

What is the maximum and minimum height for the white board depending on human height?