How does friction occur?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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When surfaces opposing movement on each other.

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Friction occurs when two material bodies in contact slide past one another.

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Q: How does friction occur?
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Can Friction occur in a vacuum?

Yes, in general friction can occur in a vacuum, but the only kind of friction that doesn't occur in a vacuum is, of course, air friction. There is no drag force on an object falling in a vacuum.

How does Friction occur in liquids?

friction affects in any Circumtances

When does rolling friction occur?

i dnt no

How does flame occur on a match?


When does static electricity occur?


What types of friction occur when you ride a bike through a puddle?

Fluid Friction, & Rolling Friction.

When does sliding friction occur?

Sliding Friction Occurs When And Object Is Being Slided On The Ground

Why does some friction occur with seemingly smoth surfaces?

Some friction will occur with seemingly smooth surfaces because at a molecular level, nothing is smooth.

Where dos friction occur in gymnastics?

This would be sliding friction and it could happen when:run on the floor

Where in an engine does friction occur?

The pistons, the cam(s), the lifters, every moving part will experience friction.

What causes a major earthquake to occur where plates meet?

The friction between the plates. When the friction is resolved, an earthquake occurs.

Does friction and motion occur at the same time?

Yes, Theres no way that there could be friction without the object moving