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many of the parents think that education is more important than sports so if a child wants to participate in sports than the parents think that they will miss their studies so they don't allow them to participate in sports, so for this reason education affect participation in sports.

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Q: How does education affect participation in sports?
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How does education affects participation in sports?

Participation in sports affect your Education because if you want to become a gym teacher,police,army man,etc.You will need to be good at sports and you have to get A's in Physical Education[P.E]. More info's an be at my website. bye!

How does regular participation in sports affect your body?

it increases flexiblity

What sports are Kenya good at?

sports >> organization >> country (kenya) >> participation >> olympics, education, records, etc.

How does politics affect the participation in sports?

Simply, do you see more of the India vs Pakistan matches in cricket? No. There is how the politics affect the participation in sports. The political climate of the countries does make an impact upon the game.

How does money affect participation in sports?

I know 3 because i watch i see what is see though.

How does the government promote participation in sport?

It spends more tax money on building/ improving sports facilities. It can also promote the participation, by raising awareness of the importance of sports in our daily activities. A good way to raise awareness is to encourage sports in the education system.

In A separate peacehow does finny's injury affect genes plans for participation in sports?

Because Hes black

How does disability affect you in participation in sport?

disability affects participation in sports because if you are in a wheelchair and unable to walk you will feel like you cannot participate in sports and you feel you cannot be as good as some people so you don't attempt.

How does age affect the participation in sports?

Well as you get older you slow down you can't handle as much as you could in your 20's.

What is the sports participation pyramid?

its in egypt

How does the media affect participation rates in sport?

In present day scenario,if media highlights sports events , the participation rate in sports is bound to increase manifolds. In India, cricket is being highlighted by the media most, neglecting other sports wings. In Brazil, it is soccer, in USA it is baseball and rugby and so on.

What is Sport Education?

Sports education is a form of physical education that emphasizes participation in sports as a way of developing skills, learning rules, practicing good sportsmanship, leading an active lifestyle, participating in a group, and learning leadership skills. Faced with cutbacks in physical education courses over the 1980s and 1990s, physical education teachers were often reduced to teaching sports skills apart from the actual game. Many teachers see sports education as a way of revitalizing physical education and making it more useful to students.

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