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Q: How does demand of work affect in sport performance?
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How does Extrinsic motivation affect sport performance?

it helps the performance of the athlete because he believes there is a award for good work.

How does work effect sport performance?

Work- Work could affect your performance because if you have a job that you have to do lots of manual labour you will be exhausted/fatigued by the time you come to perform. Also if you work alternating shifts your body becomes confused and you will be tired and this will affect you performance. If you have a stressful job this can also affect your performance one because you may be thinking about other things and two it might make you tried or feel unwell.

What is the definition of performance in sport?

Well I would say that the definitions of performance in sport is: How you do something, how well you do it, and how much work you put into it.

How does the health and safety at work act affect sport?

Since sport is not work, the Health and Safety at WorkAct does not affect it.

How do peers affect participation in sport?

Team work.

How do the demands of work affect your performance in sport?

Work affects the body depending on what we have to do at work. Work hours have increased and the time available to relax or partake in non-work related activities has decreased. As a result, stress levels have increased. Work can make you tired or your muscles lazy.

How does low temperature affect a sport performance?

Low Temperature can affect sports performance in many ways, The main affects of cold temperature would be muscle cramps and players pulling muscles due to them not being stretched properly. This is because the muscle elasticity needs to be warm to work efficiently.

How does work demands affect sport?

Work demands affect sport because they put you under a lot of physical stress and strain. It makes the athlete feel pressurised into something they might not need to be pressured into

How does the safety work act 1974 affect sport?

It doesn't. It is an act cover safety at work, not at play.

How does competition affect sports performance?

When there is competition it makes you work harder and want to win.

How does state anxiety affect sports performance?

It affects your concentration and the performance. If you're very anxious, you can not focus or concentrate on work, school, and sports.

Group dynamics and how they affect sport performance?

Group dynamics (or team dynamics) is the nature of the interaction between team members. A team is a group of two or more people who work together to achieve the same goal (tennis doubles). BY s.h

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