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Well most girls at the age of 7- 20 enjoy and find Cheerleading very catchy or shall i say "cool". I have nothing against cheerleading its just another sport that people like to participate in. I think what gathers interest is the fact that its more of a freestyle sport because you get to make up routines and do any type of stunt that you are capable of. What attracts young girls is most likely the cute outfits and dance routines. Cheerleading may make girls feel like "tops" especially if they make captain. I would advise someone around the age of 7-15 to join a cheerleading team that is runned by a coach and not a captain because this wil be safer to younger girls and prevent fights, and unwanted behavior. As girls get older they might join a different type of team like where there is a captain and you go to different competitions...these type of teams are most likely to be seen in older girls because they like to show more skin and be aggresive. Any type is cool. I am not a cheerleader but in the future i may be... I know a lot of stunts and about cheerleading because I'm a junior olympic gymnast and I have friends that are cheerleaders and sisters. I also watch movies about cheerleading and i always look into it because i want to be a cheerleader when i get older. So in summarization what attracts girls to this sport is mostly the outfits, music, dance, cheers, stunts, and cool sassy attitudes!!

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Q: How does cheer-leading gather so much interest and hype?
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