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more energy but more able to stretch a muscle when you do the sport if not warmed up properly

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Q: How does being relaxed and easy going affect sport?
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Does being involved in a sport or club affect you grade?

Being involved does affect your grade because it can allow you to be more focused. Also if your in a sport it can improve your grade in P.E. If your involved in a club your some how helping your school and having more focusing skills.

How does a heart attack affect you when playing sport?

well, a heart attack can affect you in sport because of your face.

What sport does Neymar like?

Being that Neymar is a professional soccer player, I'm going to say soccer.

Why does Discrimination affect sport?

not really if it is a group of people that group being discriminated can play but yes if you want to play together

How drugs can affect sports performance?

well, some drugs make you feel hyper and gives you a lot of energy this makes you want to win over something forexample: sport race but some can make you feel relaxed and not focused. it could make you feel very week which causes failure in sport performance.

Is it better to have relaxed muscles in sport?

Yes, by relaxing one's muscles it reduces the risk or pulling or tearing them.

How does the health and safety at work act affect sport?

Since sport is not work, the Health and Safety at WorkAct does not affect it.

How can weight affect sport?

because it does

Why drugs affect you in sport?


How does sport affect age?


How do children learn most of their social skills?

By being around other children such as going to school or being in some sort of sport. Children who are homeschooled do not have this opportunity.

How will having a girlfriend affect your sport?

You will want to be with her rather then practicing as you should for your sport.