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Air pressure creates a 'base amount' of pressure to the Scuba divers. There is the effect that it adds on a small amount of pressure as well as the water pressure.

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Q: How does air pressure affect scuba diving?
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Is scuba diving in mid air possible?

seriously? it is not diving and you don't scuba to breath in air.

What type of pressure is to do with diving?

recreational diving is usually done with 3000 psi of air in a certified SCUBA tank

Why does a scuba diver need increased gas pressure in the air tank?

Scuba divers require increased air pressures in their air tanks while diving because the pressure on their bodies increases.

What Air is used for scuba diving?

Normal pressurized air is used for scuba diving. However, you can get mixed gases for SCUBA diving such as Nitrox, which is mixed gases of nitrogen and oxygen. This is used by deep sea diving, but it takes special training.

What does spg stand for in reference to scuba diving?

In reference to scuba diving, "SPG" stands for "Submersible Pressure Guage", which tells you how much air is in your tank so you can resurface before going too low on oxygen.

What happens after using the scuba tank?

A cardinal rule for scuba diving tanks is to never completely empty your scuba diving tank. When planning your scuba dives, it is important that you consider to complete your dive with enough air left within your scuba diving tank.

Why are diapers recommended in scuba diving?

They have their place if you are diving in a dry suit for an extended time. If you are diving in a wet suit they would not be needed for obvious reasons. Scuba diving can dehydrate you from breathing the dry air in the scuba cylinders, so hydration is a must.

What does psi mean in scuba diving?

the amount of air in the tank per square inch. (p.s.i.)Improve answerPounds per Square Inch - so the amount of pressure exerted on the tank by the air under pressure in the cylinder of the scuba diver. The more pressure, the more compressed the air so the greater the volume of air compressed within the cylinder.for more on scuba diving, including equipment see the related link:

Why is air that is pressurized needed in scuba diving?

A person can only breath air that has the same pressure has his or her surroundings. Under water, the pressure will go up fairly quickly (every 10 meter / 33 feet of water exert the same pressure as that on the surface) and the scuba gear will make sure the diver gets air with the same pressure as that of the surroundings.

What can a scuba diver purchase from the Air Hog online shop?

A scuba diver can purchase many things for scuba diving at the Air Hog online shop. They can purchase dive knives, dive lights, dive computers, and dive bags which will help them in scuba diving.

Mixture of gases for scuba diving tanks compared to normal atmospheric air?

Most SCUBA divers dive with compressed air, which is normal atmospheric air compressed into a scuba tank.

How does air pressure affect a scuba diver 1500ft below sea level in the ocean?

Technically, air pressure (surface atmospheric pressure) affects a scuba diver the same regardless of the depth. As far as total pressure goes, no diver has been to 1500 feet.

What happens to the air from a SCUBA tank as you go down?

It passes thru the regulator where the surrounding pressure of the water regulates the pressure of the air in the line so that it is equal. This prevents any pressure differential that would make it hard to breathe.As for the air in the SCUBA cylinder, nothing happens to it as you go down. The pressure stays the same, etc. As to how breathing from a SCUBA cylinder works, there is an excellent answer under the question "How do you breathe underwater when you go scuba diving?"

What is Boyle's law in regards to scuba diving?

Boyle's Law: (P1 X V1)/T1 = (P2 X V2)/T2 applies to scuba diving since there is a significant change in the pressure. As the pressure of the surounding water increases with depth, you are required to use far more air from the SCUBA tank to provide for your breathing. If you use one cubic foot of air at sea-level, doubling the atmosphereic pressure as you go down causes you to use your compressed air at twice the rate. By the time you get very deep you are using your air at a very high rate.

Is scuba diving when the tanks are floating on top of the water if not what type of diving is it when the tanks float on top?

Its not really scuba diving but its considered scuba diving. Also known as the hookah system. its when you have a gas powered motor pumping fresh air to the person or person's diving below, there can be up to four people diving off of one hookah system. the benefit of this system is that there is no decompression time and you can be underwater pretty much all day if someone fills the gas tank on the engine pumping air. but you are kinda tied down to something so i don't think its true scuba diving.

What do you need to explore the ocean?

a scuba diving outfit but with an air tank that is full

Why can scuba diving tanks hold lots of air?

Because the air is compressed so that the same amount of air fills much less space meaning more can be put into a SCUBA cylinder. Normally a tank will be pressurised up to around 3000psi/200bar of pressure.

What Type of gas scuba divers use?

The types of gas that a scuba diver can use are nitrox gas and pressurized, filtered air. These are the gases that they can use. The most frequently used gas for recreational diving is filtered air, but nitrox is used for tech diving, and for deep depth diving.

What is left inside the tank if you are scuba diving and use up all the air?

There will be air left in the tank. But it is not under enough pressure to come out of the bottle and into your lungs. There may actually be enough air to 'hiss' out once you get to the surface because it is no longer subject to the pressure of the water.

What exactly is scuba diving?

Literally, scuba diving means using diving underwater using Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.Conventional scuba equipment usually consists of a cylinder of compressed air (worn on the diver's back), and a "regulator" which converts the air from being highly compressed and delivers it to the diver at a breathable pressure.Scuba equipement also technically include rebreathers, which are a much more sophisticated form of diving equipment, whereby the air which the diver breathes is constantly recycled through a carbon dioxide scrubbing system.Scuba diving is now a popular recreational holiday activity, with over 10 million certified scuba divers worldwide.

What is the vest that you wear in scuba diving called and what is its purpose?

The vest is simply called a scuba vest. It's to hold your air tank and regulators :)

What causes the pressure inside a scuba tank?

The compressed air pushing against the inside of the scuba tank causes pressure inside it.

What gas is in scuba diving tanks?

air, nitrogen, oxygen, trace gases, and sometimes helium

How does force affect scuba diving?

Force itself doesn't affect scuba diving. It's more the pressure.The further you go down, the more pressure there is.The more the pressure is, the more it effects the air spaces inside you.As the pressure it is, it compresses the air spaces inside of you, creating what is known as a squeeze. these are painful, and can prove dangerous, if you don't sort them out.To sort them out, you have to eitherHold you nose, and blow against it. (don't let the air come through your mouth!)Swallow and wiggle your jawThe important air spaces are in your ears, which you must equalize, and your lungs, but they equalize naturally when you breathe.

What is a bailout?

A bailout is an act of rescue, especially of a financial nature, or a backup supply of air in scuba diving.