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soccer players stay in shape doing alot of different exercise's. im a soccer player my self and my coach makes my team do different techniques to help different parts of our body's and he makes us run alot. everyday that you play soccer, you get fit!

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Q: How does a soccer player stay in shape?
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If you have choose chose chosen to play soccer to help you stay in shape?

No answer because the question is wrong. You can ask: -have you chosen to play soccer to help you stay in shape? -did you choose to play soccer to help you stay in shape? -if you choose to play soccer will it help you stay in shape? -if you have chosen to play soccer would it help you stay in shape? it's just my thought and i am open for comments. i am not really good in English but this is what i think about this.

How do you gain weight but stay in shape for soccer?

A person can gain weight but stay in shape for soccer by consuming a high protein diet. Performing strength training exercises will build muscle while cutting fat.

Who was the heaviest soccer player?

Soccer players are usually in extremely good shape because of the physical demands of their game. As of 2014, the heaviest soccer player is unknown.

Is conditioning necessary to become a good soccer player?

Yes, you have to be in very good shape to play soccer.

What the responsibilities of a pro soccer player?

Proffesional soccer players need to have good teamwork, good sportmanship, eat right to stay in shape, and most importantly, if they are in a college online course to keep their grades up.

How many years of school does it take to become a soccer player?

soccer players have to stay 2 years in high schoo

What do hockey players do during the summer to stay in shape?

im a hockey player and what i do to stay in shape is to go to summer camps and lift wieghts.

In soccer if a player is substituted can he re-enter the game?

of coarse unless he/she wants to stay out

What sports does Kristen Stewart play?

She played soccer and basketball when she was young. She likes to surf and plays tennis to stay in shape!

Why does a soccer player need to be in good shape?

so they can be able to play in all games and even be a starter

What do you call a soccer player?

soccer player.

What it take to be a soccer player?

hard work !!!!! U have to have determination .you need good cordnation and balance. you need to stay in shape. you need to be able to kick a ball . and you always need to be willing to GIVE IT YOUR ALL AND NEVER GIVE UP !!!!! SOCCER STAR ROSALBA GONZALEZ #6

What is the difference between soccer shoes and soccer cleats?

Coming from a 10 year travel soccer player; soccer shoes have a different texture on the; soccer shoes- flat on the bottom / Soccer cleats- have like things on the bottom that would help stay in the ground

Who is more paid a soccer player or basketball player?

A soccer player.

How do you get in shape for a soccer midfielder?

The best way to get in shape for a soccer midfielder is to exercise. Running exercises are best for this sport.

Why should people play soccer?

It depends on the person, some people play it for the fun of the game and some people play it to stay in shape.

What is soccer arobics?

soccer arobics is a way that soccer players can stay fit or at practice get in shape faster. Just like arobics the players keep moving to improve muscle building. In mls when the players are coming off injuries or from a break they go into soccer aronics. Which is soccer and arobics combined into one.

Is Emily Osment a soccer player?

She does play soccer but she ain't a professional soccer player.

Who was a soccer player?

well anyone you see playing soccer they are probably a soccer player!!!!!!!!!!

Who gets paid more a soccer player or a soccer agent?

Soccer Player mate

What shape is a soccer goal?

A rectangle.

Who has more endurance a basketball player or a soccer player?


Who makes more money a soccer player or a basketball player?

soccer player

What do you have to do to be a soccer player?

play soccer

Your a soccer player if?

if you play soccer