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The rook moves horizontally or vertically, forward or back , through any number of unoccupied squares .

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Q: How does a rook move in chess?
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In chess can the white rook take the black rook?

Yes, in chess this move is possible just as long nothing is protecting (infront,side) of the black rook.

Which ways can a rook go in chess?

A rook can go horizontal and vertical,but,when it is attacking anoth peice it can move diagonally.

What is an elephant in a game of chess?

The Elephant is a piece used in Seirawan chess. It can move like a knight and a rook.

What term is given to a compound move of the king and the rook in chess?

This is called "castling".

In chess how many spaces can a rook move?

The rook can move 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 squares right or left or up and down the board.Not quite. A rook can never move eight squares. If the rook begins at one end of a rank or file a move of seven squares will take it to the other end.

What bird shares its name with a chess piece?

the rook, which is another name for a castle in chess

What is rule to move king in chess?

Kings can move one space in ANY directionIf neither the king nor a selected rook has moved yet during the game MAY move the king two spaces towards the selected rook and then move the rook one space to the opposite side of the rook

How does the king move in checkers?

forward digitally but in any direction (fowards and backwards) but it does not move like a "Rook" in chess.

In computer chess how do you use the mouse to be able to castle?

move the king where you want it to go, and the rook should move automatically.

Can a pawn move backwards in chess?

Until a pawn is promoted to a queen, rook, bishop or knight, it cannot move backwards.

Which bird appears on chess board?

The "rook". A rook is the name of a Eurasian bird of the crow family. A rook is also the chess piece that resembles a tower of a castle.

Alternate name for a rook in chess?

Another name for a rook is a castle.

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