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A player gets credit for an assist if say player A passes the ball to player B and player B can only dribble once and shoots or just shoots and makes it then player A gets the assist.

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Q: How does a player get credit for an assist?
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Can a player get credit for an assist when the scorer gets fouled?

Yes. If the pass would be considered an assist if the scorer was not fouled, it is also considered an assist if the scorer was fouled.

What is an 'assist' in basketball?

An assist is when player A passes the ball to player B and player B makes the shot in a short time, resulting in player A getting an assist.

What is an assist in socceR?

an assist is any player that passes the ball via his feet, head, chest to the scoring player, resulting in a goal for the shooting player and an assist for the passing player.

What is a volleyball assist?

A volleyball assist is when a player (usually the setter) sets the ball to a hitter and the hitter gets a kill. The player who sets the ball gets the assist.

Does it count as an assist when a player inbounds to a player that scores a basket?

yes it is an assist if you inbound it but he needs to shoot it quickly

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In high school basketball does a player get credited with an assist if the person passed to dribbles the ball before they shoot?

No. The assist isn't counted because an assist is though of as a fast pass then a score. If a player dribbles then there is no assist counted

First NHL goalie to get credit for an assist?

Ron hextall , philadelphia flyers

What is a sentence of assist?

An assist is when someone contributed to a basket made by the player they passed the ball to.

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