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It does not count as an at bat

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Q: How does a fielders choice effect batting average?
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How does a feilders choice effect your batting average?

A fielder's choice is just like an out and lower's a player's batting average since the fielder chose to put out another player instead, usually the lead runner... On the other hand, a sacrifice does not count against the batter because his intention was to advance the runner at his own expense.

How does a strike out effect batting average?

It makes the batting average lower.

Do runs batted in help raise your batting average?

No, batting average is determined by dividing at bats by hits. RBI have no effect.

Does speed of players effect the batting average of baseball teams?

It can because players will beat out infield grounders for singles which will raise the player's batting average and, in turn, raise the team's batting average.

What are some variables that effect batting averages of baseball players?

Only two variables affect batting average - hits and at-bats.

When a batter is hit by a pitch is it calculated in On base percentage?

Yes, but it will not effect his batting average

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In economics the choice to do something is also the choice to not do something else?

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If you get a hit and steal a base is it considered a double?

no ---------- Batting average and stolen bases are both statistical categories. If you get a hit, your total number of hits and your batting average go up. If you steal a base, your total number of stolen bases and your stolen base average go up. They're separate categories, and have no effect on each other.

When a catcher interferes with the batter's swing is it considered a hit and how does it affect the batter's batting average?

It is considered to be just like a walk, and does not count as a hit or an at bat, so it doesn't effect the average at all. It does; however, affect the on base percentage.

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