How does a basketballs bounce?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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A Basketball is filled with compressed air - compressed by the pump used to inflate the ball. When a ball hits the ground, the air inside compresses a little more, momentarily, and the elastic (stretchy) properties of the basketball skin lets the ball flatten slightly at the bottom. Just as a rubber band 'snaps' back when you stretch and release it, so does a basketball when you compress it into the ground (bounce it!) The result of the ball stretching back to it's most comfortable shape (a sphere) is that it pushes off the ground it squashed into, thus propelling it in the opposite direction. ie UP. All these changes are so small and happen so quickly you probably won't be able to see it with your naked eye. Well, the basket ball is filled with air, that helps it bounce up when the force of its weight from gravity hits the other idle source the ground. There are really cool books about this type of stuff and scientific applications, either at the library or on line check them out, they are cool.

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Balls bounce because they are deformed when they hit something and the rubber forces them back into a round shape which propels then off the surface they hit.

The more power in the rubbers' desire to maintain its shape vs the weight of the ball determines its bounce. the air pessure inside as some effect as well since by bedeformed it is no longer applying the same pressure at all points.

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Q: How does a basketballs bounce?
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How do basketballs bounce?

because of the air inside of the ball

Do leather basketballs bounce higher than rubber basketballs?

I would say yes but it all depends on how much air is in the basketball in question.

Can you bounce basketballs on a indoor track?

Depending on the type of material that is used for the indoor track, it is possible to bounce a basketball on the floor.

Do basketballs that are fully inflated bounce better than flatter ones?

Yes defiintely.

Why is composite leather used in basketballs?

It is better for bounce and it seals in air better than standard leather.

Does a soccer ball bounce higher then a basketball?

In general, a basketball will bounce higher than a soccer ball because basketballs are designed to have higher bounce properties due to the material and construction of the ball. Soccer balls are typically designed to have less bounce to promote better control and handling during gameplay.

How are the physical properties of an orange different from those of a basketball?

-- Basketballs are much larger in size than oranges. -- Basketballs are filled with air, but oranges are filled with juice and pulp. -- Basketballs have much higher air pressure than oranges. -- Oranges grow on trees while basketballs are manufactured. -- The density of an orange is much greater than the density of a basketball. -- An orange is juicy, easy to chew, and sweet, whereas a basketball is dry, rubbery, and tastes terrible. -- A basketball can bounce and a orange cannot bounce.

Why is pig skin used to make basketballs?

because you cant bounce the ball unless it is made of pig skin because you cant bounce the ball unless it is made of pig skin

What is a ball that dose not bounce?

A bowling ball is a ball that does not bounce due to its heavy weight and solid construction. Unlike rubber balls or basketballs, bowling balls are designed to roll smoothly along a lane rather than bounce.

What will be the height of a basketballs bounce if it weighs 6 pounds?

The weight of the basketball does not affect the height of its bounce. The height of the bounce is determined by factors like the force applied to the ball, the material it's made of, and the surface it bounces on.

What objects can bounce?

Objects that can bounce typically need to be made of a material that is elastic or can store and release energy upon impact. Common examples include rubber balls, basketballs, and super balls. The ability to bounce also depends on the surface the object is hitting - harder surfaces like concrete will produce a higher bounce compared to softer surfaces like grass.

What is Physical fitness test for coordination?

With two basketballs, one in each hand, bounce them alternatively for as long as possible (up to 1 min) without losing control