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A TE gets a point for every 10 yards receiving or Rushing

A TE end gets 6 points for every TD

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Q: How does a TE get point in fantasy football?
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2 point conversion

Who are some sleeper 2008 fantasy football Tight Ends?

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What are the positions you pick in fantasy football?

qb rb wr te kicker defense/special teams

Who will be the first tight end chosen in most 2008 Fantasy Football drafts?

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What is the point of yahoo fantasy football?

Fantasy football is a way to help highschool and college students fulfill their dreams in becoming a college or pro athelete. It is also helpful to watch.

What is the most fantasy points scored by one player in football?

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What is SSPD mean in fantasy football?

SSPD means suspended in Fantasy Football.

What is ffp in football?

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How can one create an account for Premier Fantasy Football?

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Do most Fantasy Football leagues use TE's?

Yes, most leagues do use TE's. Sometimes TE's are a smart pick they are not a worthless player like most people think. They will get around 10-15 points per game.

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