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Q: How does a College Coach get the contact information of a prospect player they see and like?
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Is Jeff goodman a basketball player?

At the moment he is a draft prospect, he is in College at the moment about to get drafted in to the NBA.

What is a prospect in hockey?

a prospect is a rookie or a high class young player

What does the role in basketball prospect mean?

Like any other role in Bball a prospect is a Bball player that has high expectations within in his 1st year of playing like when Lebron was drafted he was a prospect

What great college football player wore?

You need a little more information in the question.

What is a baseball prospect?

A Baseball Prospect is an up and coming player who has sparked much interest in the eyes of scouts, organizations, and coaches. Usually prospects have a GREAT amount of talent and are considered possible candidates for major league play or some other form of high level play like college or the minors.

Who is Nicole Ford?

She is a college basketball player in Colorado. See the link below for more information:

Can someone explain how can you find a player named Fred or Freddy Freeman who played football in the year of 1965-1966?

Basically, one would need some more information concerning Mr. Freeman. Did he play college ball? What college did he attend? Did he play pro ball? What pro team was he with? Are you looking for statistical information or do you want to get in contact with him? If you like, once you get some more information on Mr. Freeman, you can resubmit the question or write the information to my message board.

Is a player considered down if he catches a pass falls gets up and keeps going?

In college football, once a player's knee touches the ground the play is whistled dead regardless of whether a defensive player made contact with the ball carrier. In the NFL, a defensive player must make contact with the ball carrier to have the play whistled dead. So to answer your question, in college the player is down and the play is over. In the NFL, the player is not down and the play continues.

How can you find the jersey numbers of college players?

I looked on and unlike many other schools, they do not provide this information. Try sending an email from that site or contact the university athletics director. On you can find college basketball players' numbers on their player profile page next to their picture(if one is provided).

If a ball carriers elbows touch the ground is that a dead ball?

In the NFL, if any part of the player's body except for the hands or feet touches the ground, and the player is in contact with an opposing player, the play is over. In college football, the player would be down and the ball would be dead, regardless of whether an opposing player made contact with him.

Contact information for tennis player Angela Buxton?

Contact The Angela Buxton Tennis Centre, Northway Gardens, Oakwood Road, London NWH 6RJ Tel. 020 84553350

How do you become a college player?

Go to college.

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