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One of my GRIPS is the availability of Autographs, in Nascar the drivers are very free with signing autographs, other sports its very hard to get one, the sports figures do-not make themselves available like Nascar drivers do. So my answer to you (in my opinion) is its a people sport.

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Q: How does NASCAR compare to other Sports in America?
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What sport does America do?

America's top professional sports are baseball, American football, basketball and hockey. But they do compete in other sports, such as NASCAR racing, tennis and golf.

How does the popularity of soccer compare to NASCAR?

Well I'm a huge NASCAR fan myself, and I will give you the facts (go Tony Stewart!!). Soccer is basically a sport that is all around the world, while NASCAR is a USA sanctioned base in America. So how do we compare? NASCAR has the largest fan base in America (and yes, more than the NFL), while we could both agree upon soccer as being the most popular and well-known sport in the world. Now we switch them both around. NASCAR compared to the world, and soccer's fan base in America. NASCAR is not Formula-One, or IndyCars, and its real hard to explain that NASCAR is a sport the world would know, but not near as much as soccer. Now, soccer in the US. Barely any people take soccer seriously (not to be mean) in the US since there's a huge variety of sports in the US (football, basketball, baseball, hockey), but, lets say Brazil, they don't have a clue to what those four sports were, except soccer, that's all the country knows. Soccer is the largest known sport in the world (other than the US), and NASCAR is the largest sport in the US.

What percentage of NASCAR fans are in America?

About 75% of the NASCAR fans are in America. NASCAR is an auto racing sport that is popular in many countries. Japan is one of the largest countries other than the United States that watches NASCAR regularly.

What is NASCAR's mission statement?

"Nascar is committed to making the sport - on and off the racetrack - look like America. No other issue is more important to Nascar's success and growth."

What America has that other countries dont have?

football, NASCAR,playboy mansion

How does football compare to other sports?

In comparison to other sports, football is a contact sport. In almost every other sport there is no touching or there will be a penalty.

How does cheerleading compare to other sports?

Cheerleading is different than other sports because cheering is the only sport that using the organized lifting or throwing of people

Do more people like basketball more than any other sport in America?

No, the most watched sport in America is surprisingly NASCAR...

What are the names of the 11 sports in America?

football, soccer, basketball, baseball and the other seven sports are gay.

The most widley played sport in America?

The sports played the most in America are football, basketball and baseball. Other popular sports are soccer, hockey, and tennis.

Will NASCAR 2010 have multiplayer mode?

NASCAR '10 will not be released due to cancelization with EA Sports but Sony has been talking with NASCAR to start re-releasing game late 2010. Even though Sony now owns the NASCAR franchise, NASCAR has told Sony that all games must come out on multiple platforms, not just PS3 ughh i hope they do b cuz nascar 09 is all i play.and why not? ps3 is the best all the other sysytems are peices.

Is Boston Red Sox the most popular sports team in America?

no. there are many other teams that are good in other sports. not just the red sox

Why is Nascar racing different than other sports?

Nascar doesn't involve any direct movement from the participant...only steering. Also there isn't any two teams competing, everyone is competing at the same time. It is also a race not a sport with goals or end zones.

Where did NASCAR begin?

NASCAR started in 1947 at Daytona Beach, Florida. Bill France, NASCAR's founder, met other bussinessmen in a Daytona motel. After alot of brainstorming, NASCAR was born.

Do you need a license to race in NASCAR?

No, that is not a rule in NASCAR. There are other rules that must be kept.

Is sports betting illegal in the United States of America?

Sports betting is illegal everywhere in the USA except for Nevada, Delaware, and few other cities.

Will they make NASCAR games in the future?

EA Sports, who held the licensing rights to produce NASCAR themed video games, decided not to renew their agreement with the sanctioning body. Other game makers have expressed interest (Papyrus was a rumored company), but as of now I don't think any agreement has been made.

How do Minuzo Wave 11's compare?

Mizuno wave 11 compare to other running shoes, becuase they are actually built for running. They are made to enhance the athletes performance while maintaining comfort and control, opposed to other fitness brand shoes who use there shoes for a wide variety of sports, mizuno wave 11's are made for running sports.

What were the sports in 1950s?

I think you can answer that yourself, by asking "what new sports are there that have been invented since the 1950's. All the ones that were popular in the 50's are still popular. Baseball, Football, and Basketball were the big three. In America of course, Soccer has never been particularly popular, but has enjoyed a bit of success too. Nascar started in roughly, 1950, and has enjoyed a lot of success since. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you.

Which sports are more popular in America than in other countries?

football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf

How much money does NASCAR generate?

Most of NASCAR's money comes from sponsorship from other companies. NASCAR takes in 3 billion dollars per year from sponsors.

How do blood types in the us compare to blood types in other countries?

there are no other kinds of blood types in the world just the same as what we have here in america.

Is Firestone Tire a NASCAR sponsor?

Firestone tire is a NASCAR sponsor. Some of the cars use firestone tires other cars use NASCAR tires. Firestone also sells NASCAR tires in addition to their own brand.

How was NASCAR started?

NASCAR was started back in the day when boot Leger's had to out run the police so they would modify their cars and then began racing each other then NASCAR was born

How does Weatern Europe size compare with other regions of the world?

It is rather small compared to other areas/regions (ex: Northern America, South America, Subsaharan Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, etc.).