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A good magician never reveals his secret.

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Q: How does Chris Angel make a Frisbee levitate?
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Could you levitate?

yes i could levitate and make my lower half of my body dissapear

Is criss angel real or fake?

Chris Angel is real human being and is subject to the physical laws that apply to all human beings. Chris Angel uses technology, skill and psychology to make seemingly impossible things happen.

How do you make a card move without touching it?

You can't it won't happen only Chris angel can

How can you make a robot levitate?

At present, the only way to levitate anything is with magnetic levitation. It is probably not a practical way at this point in technology.

What makes a frisbee stay up?

Lots of things.In fact, it uses the energy you have to throw the frisbee up. Then the wind level will make it "fly". Then Gravity will pull the frisbee down towards the ground.

How do you make a coin levitate?

Making a coin levitate with no physical interaction would be done through telekinesis. Telekinesis is the process of moving an object with your mind and is often though to be a fabled process.

How many cats does criss angel have?

I know Criss Angel has a cat named Hammy ( that supposedly ate his white mouse Zeke )that he can make vanish and levitate ( that is amazing I've never known a cat to do tricks) and I think he has another cat named Minx he doesn't mention Minx as much as Hammy though. Thank you everyone who has read this .

What did William Frisbie use to make a frisbee?

His pie tins

How do you make yourself levitate?

There is no real way to levitate yourself. Although you could check out this site and basically wield together metal to make what is shown.

How does criss angel make things levitate with his hands?

Criss Angel uses a combination of sleight of hand techniques, misdirection, and camera angles to create the illusion of objects levitating in his hands during his performances. These methods are part of the art of magic and are meant to deceive the audience into believing the impossible.

How can you make a egg float on air?

It's not possible to levitate objects at this time. Perhaps in the future, we can learn how to do this.

Can you make a boomerang out of a frisbee?

No. A proper boomerang needs to be made out of solid wood.