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The team that scored 5 points would have one safety and one field goal and the team that scored 2 points would have one safety.

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Q: How do you win a football game by the score of 5 to 2?
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What is the lowest winning American football score?

If one team scores a Safety and that is the only score in the game, then they win 2-0.

What is the score of a forfeited football game?


What is the score of a forfieted game?

The score for a forfeited game is a 2-0 win for the opposing team.

When does a team win a regulation volleyball game?

When they get to 25, but you have to win by at least 2 points. You don't win a game if the score is 24-25, for example.

Has a football game ever started with a score of 2 to 2?

this generally happens when there is an aggrogate game for example a cup final

What was the lowest scoring college football game without a score?


How do you get 6 point in a football game?

score a touchdown, or score 2 field goals. Or three safeties!

What was the score in Carey Price first NHL game?

3-2 win

Has there ever been a 3-2 college football score?

Yes. In fact Aubrn won a game earlier this year by that score.

If the score ends up as being tied in volleyball game how many points do you need to win?


Can a high school football score be 1-0?

no, Its impossible considering the fact that the score goes by 7 points per score. the smallest number possible ever to win with is 2 or 3. Its possible for the score to be 2-0 or 3-0 but not 1-0.

In racquetball scoring do you need to win by 2 points in a set?

To win in racquetball you must only reach the score 11 (in tournaments) or 15 (in casual play) to win the game. It does not matter how close your opponents score is to your own.

According to NFL rules can a team win a game by the score of one to nothing?

There is no way for a team to win 1-0. In the NFL, if a team forfeits, the opponent is declared the winner by a score of 2-0.

What is Damion Stewart's of Notts County FC salary?

£2 a game with a 0.42% win/score bonus

What is the difference between a match and a game in volleyball?

To win a match you have to win best of 5 games (in high school and above) and in a game you have to be the first team to score 25 points and you must win by at least 2 points.

What was the score of the 1990 OHSAA Division 2 state Championship football game?

never cause they never played

How do you win in tennis?

To win a tennis match you must win two sets. To win a set you must win a total of 6 games, but you must be ahead by two games, for example if the score is 6-5, the set is not complete. If the score gets to 5-5 you need to play to 7. If the score gets to be 6-6 you need to play a tie-breaker. A tie breaker is a "super-game", where you play to a total of 7 points, but you must once again win by two points. Tie-breakers may go on forever until someone is ahead by two points. To win a game you must win a total of 4 points. Instead of counting your points like 1, 2, 3, 4, it goes, 15, 30, 40, game. If the game score gets to 40-40 it is called duece. If the score is duece, and the server wins the point the score is ad-in. If the server loses the point at duece the score is ad-out. To win the game you must win the point when it is your ad. Instead of 0, in tennis it is called love.

In badminton you must win the game by at least how many points?

You must win the game by 2 clear points this means 21 - 20 could not be a winning score it would have to be 22 - 20

Could an NFL team win a game one to nothing?

No, the lowest score possible would be 2-0

How many games do you need to win the set in tennis?

You need 6 games to win a set in tennis but you must win by 2 games. If the score is 6-4, you have won the set but if the score is 6 - 5 you will need to play another game. If the score becomes 7-5 you have won the set and if the score becomes 6-6 you play a tiebreaker.

What is a set in a match of tennis?

A set in a tennis match consists of games. A game is won by winning 4 points going from, 15, 30, 40 to game. If the score is 40-40, then a player must win 2 points in a row to win the game. Once a player wins a game, it is scored 1-0. This is called the set score, to win a set the player must win 6 games but also must win by two. If the score is 5-5, the player can only win by getting 7-5 or in a tiebreak. A tiebreak occurs when the score is 6-6, then they play to win 7 points. Also you must win the tiebreak by two points, once this is achieved then the winner of the tiebreak wins the set 7 to 6.

Has there ever been a 3-2 football score?

No there has never been a 3-2 football score. The lowest NFL score was 2-0 with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears in 1932.

What was the second highest college football score?

The second highest college football score was 127 total points scored, Akron (65) vs. E. Michigan (62). Three OT's. 24 November 2001. ------------------------------------- Actually the second highest scoring collegiate football game is still the highest Div IA scoring game. This game was played on October 2, 2004 between San Jose State and Rice. The score was 70 - 63 with no overtimes!

How do you keep score in football?

Football is one of the easiest sports to keep the score in. You mark down any player that makes a play on the field either on offense or defense. You also keep track of the game score knowing that a PAT is 1 point a Safety is 2 a field goal is 3 and a touchdown is 6.

Can you win an NFL game with only a safety?

Yes. You would have to shut out the other team, obviously. It is possible for an NFL game to have a final score of 2-0.