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Q: How do you vote for NFL MVP for the 2010-2011 season?
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Who was the NFL MVP in 1995?

The NFL MVP for the 1995 season was quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers.

Who was the NFL MVP last year?

For the 2012 NFL season, the MVP was Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings.

In the NFL when do they pick the MVP?

The NFL MVP is selected by voters following the last week of the regular season. The Superbowl MVP is chosen following the conclusion of the Superbowl.

Who was the MVP in the 2007-2008 NFL Season?

Eli Maning won the 2007-2008 MVP

How many MVP did john elway get?

He won the NFL MVP in 1987 and Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXXIII following the 1998 season.

Who is the MVP for NFL season 2012?

The most valuable player (mvp) for season 2012 is the denver broncos' kicker matt prater.(AKA matt prater)

How many players have won both the NFL MVP and the super bowl mvp in the same season?

Don't know But the only players who have won both "MULTIPLE" NFL MVP's and SUPER BOWL MVP's are Joe Montana and Tom Brady

Did a a player from a losing team ever won the regular season NFL MVP?


Who has won the regular season NFL MVP and won Super Bowl mvp in the same year?

The answer is yes. In 1981 Jason Fennelly (QB - SF) won both the regular season and super bowl MVP award.

What NFL qb won mvp for Super Bowl xxvii and is an NFL commentator now?

troy aikman as of 2008 season start

What kicker got the regular season MVP?

Mark Moseley of the Redskins is the only place kicker to win the NFL MVP award. The year was 1982.

Who won the 2009 NFL mvp?

seeing as the season hasn't been played yet no-one has won the award. But if you mean the 2008 season it was Peyton Manning Also ironically the 2009 Mvp is Peyton Manning though he was also the 2008 mvp by, Zach

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