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You can increase any player by 10 points

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Q: How do you use ipl trophy in cricket attax?
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What is the use of cricket attax DLF IPL?

cricket attax is made for entertainment

What is the use of ipl 3d card in cricket attax?

it makes +100to your rating.

How do you use ipl logo in cricket attax?

keep the ipl logo in place of your power play card. you can use the logo on any player and 50 points increase

How do you use cricket attax logo in cricket attax?

it gives a +6 rating

What is the use of cricket attax powerplay card?

cricket attax powerplay card is used to increase the points of the player by 5 like i have sachin with 90 batting and 14 bowling the power play card of mumbai indias only because sachin belongs to mumbai indians will increase its bat and bowl batting will be 95 and bowling will be 19

Does match attax live cost?

Yes, it costs £3.99 (4.99 Euros) to become a member for the 2010/11 season.With the membership you can use codes from Match Attax packets to get virtual cards online to play the Match Attax game with other people.

What is the code for in match attax you cards?

They are used to play the online match Attax game The answer to this and much more can be found on

What bat does Adam gilchrist use in 2010 ipl?

he used moongoose bat for 2010 ipl

Is trophy an action verb?

The word 'trophy' is a noun, a word for a thing.The word 'trophy' is inappropriate for use as a verb.

What bat does ricky ponting use?

He uses SS bats but he puts woodworm stickers on for sponsership

What body part does a cricket use to chrip?

what body part does a cricket use to chirp.

How do you use word trophy in sentence?

The girl won the gold trophy because she won the race.