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On staff upgrades, you will get more ticket sales but the stadium won't change physically, rumours point that fifa10 might fix this.

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Q: How do you upgrade your stadium manager on manager mode on FIFA 09 All Play?
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How do you play World Cup tournament on FIFA 12?

You can't play a world cup tournament in FIFA 12. but u can create a tournament with 32 teams and name it as worldcup and play.

What football team play at sanderson park?

It is a Generic stadium on FIFA 13

Does manager mode on fifa 08 get harder as you play?

I am sure it does, as with any game.

How do you play manager mode on fifa 15 on iPad?

you cant u can only play ultimate team

Are FIFA 09 and FIFA manager 09 the same game?

No, in fifa manager you don't actually control the players during the game. It is not a video game in the traditional sense. You are the manager so you decide on transfers and strategy but can't directly control the players. In fifa 09 you can take direct control of the players using respective controls. In this we can also work as a manager as well as play in "MANAGER MODE"

How do you get arshavin on manager mode in FIFA 09?

He is on the game but you cant get him for a club the only way to play as him is to play as the Russian international team

How do you unlock champions league in fifa 11?

You must play a season on Manager mode and qualify first. whitlock.

Why does my dsi keep freezing whenever i play fifa 11 manager mode and how do i fix it?

Try running the latest update.

What are the various game modes on fifa 12?

Online play, manager mode, ultimate team, be the goalkeeper, exhibition, etc.

How long is manager mode in fifa 07?

You can play it as long as you want.But, If your Job Security is coming close to zero.Then, you have to watch it.Otherwise, your career as a Manager would end quickly..

Can you play pro season of fifa 09 on Xbox 360?

yes you can Fifa09Pro says: yes you can the way I did it was I completed manager mode and then when i completed manager mode i went to main menu and it was unlocked and I started to play it .x

What do you do when on fifa 12 ultimate team it says error making game session?

buy a manager tthan u can play again