How do you try out for a basketball team?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Be more specific. do u mean like the NBA?

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Q: How do you try out for a basketball team?
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Can you try out for a professional basketball team?


How do NBA players get in the NBA?

Be good at basketball and try out college basketball team

Where to get training for basketball?

At a basketball court. Try and join a program or a team to improve better.

I want to play in a basketball team but i have glasses what do i do?

Try contacts. :)

What can you do to make basketball team?

You can sign up to join, and try out during Try-Outs!

You quit basketball and its your senior year. How can you join basketball in college?

You just try out in collage and if you make it then your on the team!

Who was on the first basketball team?

I'm sorry, this site does not have the answer. Please try

Is there a way to play basketball but not for the school?

Yes, IF you are good enough then try out for a competitive basketball team and they don't play for schools.

How do you make Texas varsity basketball?

You just try out and do drills and try hard. Its like any other team

I quit basketball and its my senior year. How can I join basketball in college?

go to try outs or show the team that u are pretty good

How do you get recurited for basketball?

Well if you to get in the NBA you have to try-out and get drafted into a team. After that you complete the Summer Circuit and if the team thinks your good enough you make it.

Beat a basketball team better then you and how?

Just try your best and don't commit any turnovers.