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have the bushings of trucks facing in on the board

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โˆ™ 2008-04-24 19:15:36
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Q: How do you truck stand on a skateboard?
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Who invented the skateboard truck?

no one

Which has the greater mass a heavy truck at rest or a rolling skateboard which has greater momentum?

The truck has the most mass, but because it is at rest, the skateboard has the most momentum.

What is an 8mm skateboard truck?

8mm is the size of the truck. From one end to the other.

Which has greater momentum a heavy truck or a skateboard?

skateboard.....if velocity is zero,then momentum is also zero.

Do yo have to change skateboard truck to long board trucks if you put long board wheels on a skateboard?

No, my friend has a regular skateboard with longboard wheels and he has normal trucks. And I've done it before with my longboard and skateboard.

If you stand on a skateboard and push off the ground with one of your feet the reason that the skateboard moves forward is that the force you apply to the skateboard equals what?


How do you change your barrings on a skateboard?

try taking out the bearing with your truck

Does it matter what size truck there is on a skateboard?

No unless you want bigger trucks

What does dc stand for on a skateboard?

It stands for Droors Clothing.

How do you strap skateboard on skate backpack?

well..... first you should open the straps and place you skateboard inbetween then you close the strap so your top truck is on top of the strap and you bottom truck is under the strap that is how to strap your board to a backpack =)

Can a 5.0 sized truck fit on a 7.5 skateboard deck?

Yes, sure you can. 5.0 sized trucks fit up to 7.75'' skateboard decks.

Is a skateboard a simple or compound machine?

The skateboard have wheel & axle and screw, the wheel is obvious the wheel and the axle is the truck and i think the screw is the hardware.

What is the truck of a skateboard?

The truckS are like axles that hold the deck and wheels together.

What is a heavy duty skateboard truck?

thunder, tensor, grindking, krux etc.

How does a skater stand on a skateboard?

goofy/regular goofy/regular

What does LT stand for on a truck?

Light Truck

What is a bearing on a skateboard?

the bearing is the thing inside the wheel that makes it spin and fit on the truck

Which skateboard trucks are better Thunders or Independents Tell why pros cons of both and overall feel of truck?

Thunders skateboard trucks feel like a planking balancing on a point thus making it better than the Independents skateboard trucks.

What does the f skateboard sign stand for?

If it ha a circle around it, then it is a Foundation.

What is a skateboard deck?

Its the wooden bit which you stand on. The main part of the board.

What is a skateboard complete?

Is a skateboard that is ready to go. It comes with all the basics: griptape, trucks, bearings, wheels and, of course, the skateboard. Normally the skateboard companies only set their all time favorites skateboards as completes like the Element Section skateboard. There is online shopping sites where they will let you choose all the components for your skateboard (trucks, bearings, wheels, griptape, truck bushings, etc.) like and

How do you fix the curve on a skateboard if it goes to the right when it is rode?

loosen your truck bases then tighten them up straight

What do skateboard bushings do?

They provide the flexibility of the truck....yer so they basically allow its to move left and right

If you ride your skateboard left foot on the front truck and the right foot on the back truck is that regular or goofy?

That's riding regular my friend. Right foot in front is goofy.

How do you break a skateboard bushing?

tighten your trucks alot or unscrew the truck and take off the bushing and snap it or something.