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Wheels dont make a skateboard easier to turn on the skateboard trucks do that.

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Q: What skateboard wheels are easier to turn on?
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Is it easier to skateboard with metal or plastic wheels?

Plastic? Ive never seen metal wheels

What is a kick turn on a skateboard?

A kick turn is when you turn not by leaning to the side, but by lifting your front wheels and moving them in a different direction to turn.

Do hard skateboard wheels wear faster than soft skateboard wheels?


What are the goodest skateboard wheels?

Bones wheels

Do skateboard wheels have sizes?

yes the sizes of skateboard wheels range from 40-70 mm

How can a skateboard do what it does?

This is a mighty vague question, but I'll give it a shoot. A skateboard has wheels - when these wheels are acted upon by a force (such as you pushing it), they proceed to take the energy from that force and change it into centrifugal and centripetal forces- this causes the wheels on your skateboard to turn. Your skateboard won't roll indefinitely from 1 push because while your skateboard is rolling it is creating friction with the sidewalk you're skateboarding on. Friction is caused when 2 objects rub up against each other - this creates heat and a transfer of kinetic energy. Once all the kinetic energy has been transferred from your skateboard's wheels to the sidewalk, your skateboard come to a stop.

What are the advantages of different kinds of skateboard wheels?

Bigger wheels make it easier to roll over cracks in the road. softer wheels are good for riding vert because they grip the ground alot better than hard wheels.