How do you throw accurate darts?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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Do not lean so far forward that you are off balance. Stand with your whole arm between you and the board, with your elbow pointed at the floor or pointed at the molding between the floor and the wall. It might help to stand sideways at the oche in order to force your elbow down. Hold the dart in a way that feels natural, but make sure you have enough contact with the dart to give it direction. Aim, then throw the dart into the target with a steady fluid motion, and follow through with a slight flick of the wrist as you release. DO NOT MOVE YOUR BODY as you throw the dart.

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Hold the middle of the arrow holding and aiming for the bulls eye.

throw it as hard as you can.

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Accuracy in Hand - Eye Coordination or target accuracy.

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7 ft 9 1/4

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Q: How do you throw accurate darts?
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Why does a game of darts only have 3 darts?

Because its like baseball three strikes your out.Exept you throw darts.

Does a women stand closer to throw darts?

No, men and women throw from the same oche.

Five darts strike near the center of the target Whoever threw the darts is?


What is a score of shanghai in darts?

A shanghai is a single, a double, and a triple of the same number in one throw of three darts.

What is an example of something that is precise and accurate using darts?

a teacher

What does lwat mean in darts?

LWAT=Legs won against throw

What Weight darts do most professionals use?

There are a few that use lighter weights, even 14 grams, and some that use heavier, around 30 grams. However most professional dart players use from 18 to 23 grams. It's best though to throw what you're comfortable with. I myself use 26 gram darts. Heavy darts make the release a bit easier and stick in the board better, but can be less accurate than lighter darts as they are heavier to throw. It's all up to the player and what they throw best with. I recommend beginners use 20 gram darts. Once you find a weight you like, stick with it and don't change or you will have to start all over getting your aim down.

Which throw is more accurate a wobble throw or a spiral throws?

Spiral can be more accurate.

How do you forget of a woman whom you love so much who does not love you?

Throw darts at her picture

Is ocra the starting point in darts?

The block or the strip of tape from which you throw is called the oche.

What is the minium number of darts a person needs to throw to complete a leg of 501?


What kind of weapons did the hopewell use?

spears,bow and arrow,and darts(throw by hand)