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The most effective pass is the torpedo pass. Normally from the scrum half (as its their best weapon ) to the outside half from a scrum or set piece. The ball is held in both hands with the points of the ball in line with the direction to be thrown. The throw is made across the body of the ball carrier (left to right or right to left) with the most dominant hand being at the rear of the ball. As the ball leaves the hand in a torpedo action the player will spin the ball on this axis. This is reported to cut down on wind resistance and allow the ball to travel further

One of the best practitioner of this was Gareth Edwards former Wales Scrum half

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Practice actually throwing a real tennis ball. To add to the muscle development wet the ball slightly and it becomes slightly heavier thus affording more resistance.

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Q: How do you throw a tennis ball long range?
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If a tennis ball is ever so slightly outside the line but would be touching the line if it were in a hypothetical compressed state is that considered in or out?

As long as the ball is touching the line, it is considered in. Even if the majority of the tennis ball is out, as long as a tiny sliver of that tennis ball is touching the line, it is considered in.

What are the examples of sports that work on the principal of projectile motion?

-- football pass or kick -- baseball throw or hit -- soccer kick -- javelin toss -- discus throw -- hammer throw -- long jump -- jai alai -- badminton -- tennis -- volleyball -- archery -- rifle range.

How do you stop the long ball pass on nba 2k10?

Don`t throw the long ball

Can the ball hit the white line in the table tennis Olympics?

In Table Tennis, as long as the ball touches the table, it is counted, the markings aren't important.

When an outfielder throws the ball to second base and the throw pulls the second baseman off the bag and the second baseman doesn't catch the ball and the runner is safe who is charged with the error?

second base man- as long as the outfielders throw was decnt and in his range. if not, well the outfielder.

How long does it take to freeze a tennis ball in a freezer?

4 hours

How long does pitcher have to throw ball?

Th pitcher has 27 seconds to throw the ball after he comes set. Failure to do so will result in a balk.

Can you hold your tennis racket over or above the net while the opponent is serving?

it doesn't matter where your tennis racket is just as long as it hits the tennis ball

How long do tennis balls last?

The average lifespan of a tennis ball is typically around 2 to 3 weeks of regular use on court. Factors such as playing surface, frequency of use, and storage conditions can influence how long a tennis ball lasts. Over time, the felt on the ball wears down and the pressure inside the ball decreases, affecting its performance.

Does the rebound height has a constant relationship with the original height of a tennis ball when released from rest and bounces on a bench?

As long as the tennis ball is not thrust downward, yes, the tennis ball will bounce back to the same proportion of its original height, no matter how far it's dropped, as long as the height is small enough that air resistance can be ignored. The ball will eventually come to rest due to this air resistance.

How can a ball be throw for a very long pass?

well u throw then it comes down MAN I GUESS THAT'S WHAT IT IS

If you drop a tennis ball how long will it take to touch the ground?

It depends on what height you drop it from.