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While you can say in general 'like a frisbee' there are as many ways to throw them as there is to hold them and ways of moving the arm. A well trained individual should be able to throw the star in...

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Q: How do you throw a ninja star?
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Where do you get ninja star throwers?

First you must throw it your self an second its a shuriken

How do you get past the large piece of wood on red dragon island?

throw a ninja star at it

Uses of slotted weight?

the use of the slotted weight is to throw it like a ninja star at your friends!

How do you get past the man holding jack and Annie?

throw a ninja star at the rope holding their cage

How do you put out the candle on poptropica ninja training?

You use the throwing star and press space bar to throw it.

How do you throw the ninja star on red dragon island?

Select it from your weapons, aim in the general direction, and press spacebar.

How do you make an origami ninja not the ninja star I already know how to make the ninja star?

Ninjas are cool.

What is another name for ninja star?

Another name for ninja star is Shuriken

What is a cool name for an origami ninja star sale?

The Black Ninja Star sale!

How do you make a double sided ninja star?

to make a origami double-sided ninja star go to youtube and search how to make a double-sided ninja star

What can ninja Kirby do?

It depends what game. In Kirby 64 he can throw exploding ninja stars. In Kirby Squeak Squad he can stick to walls, throw ninja stars, throw ninja stars sticking to walls, walk on water and if you have the scroll he can make a burst of fire come off of him. In Kirby Super Star Ultra he can throw knives, slash enemies with his knife, grab enemies jump up in the air and smash them on the ground, he can stick to walls and wall jump off of them, finally he can disappear if you press b as soon as he gets hit.

How do you throw in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

try throwing the ninja tools everywhere

How do you tell if someone is a ninja?

Throw an apple at them... if they dodge it they are a ninja. if they don't then they obviously aren't.

How you find girl to in Pakistan?

Easy! Throw a throwing star one direction. All the ones that follow it are ninjas, The rest in ninja gear are the women.

What is the Japanese word for a ninja's throwing star?

A ninja's throwing star is called a shuriken and it literally translates to"dart" or "throwing star"

What are some common ninja weapons?

One of the most common ninja weapons is the ninja star.

What are the release dates for Ninja Warrior - 2007 Ninja Warrior all-star Special?

Ninja Warrior - 2007 Ninja Warrior All Star Special was released on: USA: 14 August 2010

Does Star Fox crossover with Ninja Turtles in Star Fox Adventures?

Star Fox and Ninja Turtles are the same universe as dinosaurs resembled their Ninja Turtles counterparts, Sauria was featured in the 1987 TMNT episode Turtles at the earths core. This correctly states that Star Fox is actually Ninja Turtles.

What is the real name for a ninja star?


What is a ninja star also called?


How do you get the ninja star in red dragon island?

To get the ninja star in Red Dragon Island, you need to talk to Basho after doing a lot of hard work.

Has anyone curved a ninja star before?


Where are six sided ninja star illegal?


How do you throw ninja stars?

While you can say in general 'like a frisbee' there are as many ways to throw them as there is to hold them and ways of moving the arm. A well trained individual should be able to throw the star in any way that they can. The most powerful way is with a sort of chopping motion with the shuriken held in the vertical position. == ==

How do you throw people in Naruto Ultimate Ninja?

left circle and right circle