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If u play Baseball then u must know what a crow is. take a crow hop and throw it aahard as u can!

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Q: How do you throw a long pass in football?
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Who is allowed to throw a forward pass in football?

anyone as long as there behind the line of scrimmage

How many times are you allowed to throw or pass in one play of a football game?

You may pass as long as you do not get a flag for as long as time will let you, but no plays have ever gone for that long.

Why do quarterbacks spiral a football when they throw a pass?

Quarterbacks like to spiral a football when they throw a pass in order to increase their precision and accuracy. This can also help with distance in some cases.

A sport that you throw in?

football,basketball to because you pass the ball to your teammates

Can the quarterback in football run with the ball then throw it?

Yes, as long as the quarterback doesn't pass the line of scrimmage. Once past the line of scrimmage, you cannot pass the ball forward

How many times are you allowed to throw or pass in a game of football?

unlimited - you may throw on every play if you so desire.

Can you throw a pass after a handoff?

Yes, a ball carrier has right to throw a forward pass as long as he has not crossed the line of scrimmage.

Who has the best distance football throw?

What is the Distance a longest pass in football has ever been? What is the average college quarterback's pass? Is there an actual record book on this type of question?

How do you throw a lob pass in football?

Take a step back and just throw but don't look at the ball you want it laser straight

How long is an average throw in football?

30 - 50 yards

When is long hand quicker then shorthand?

When you throw a football

What is the type of pass called when you throw the football and it flies through the air perfectly without wobbling?

A perfectly thrown football is called a Spiral.

What are the examples of sports that work on the principal of projectile motion?

-- football pass or kick -- baseball throw or hit -- soccer kick -- javelin toss -- discus throw -- hammer throw -- long jump -- jai alai -- badminton -- tennis -- volleyball -- archery -- rifle range.

Can you get a football to spiral everytime you throw a football?

If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

How can a ball be throw for a very long pass?

well u throw then it comes down MAN I GUESS THAT'S WHAT IT IS

How do you stop the long ball pass on nba 2k10?

Don`t throw the long ball

What is the posture to throw a football?

You throw a football like you would a baseball.

What types of football shots are there?

there are booting , passing and long pass

How long Tony Romo can throw in football yards.?

about 2000 yards a game

What are some verbs for football?

Run, Catch, Throw, Pass, Jump, Move, Kick, Tackles, Crouch, etc.

How many spirals should a football make in a 10 yard pass?

It all depends on how fast that you throw the ball.

Examples of sports in which projectile motion is evident?

Football pass or kick, baseball throw or hit, soccer kick, javelin toss, discus throw, hammer throw, long jump, jai alai, badminton, tennis, volleyball, archery, rifle range.

How do girls throw a football?

The same way that males throw an (American?) football.

Where was the first forward pass used in football?

First coach of famous football team of Notre Dame was playing football on a beach of what is now the famous amusement park, Cedar Point. When the idea struck him to not just simply pass the pig skin, but to throw it. Thus the forward pass was born.

Can you score from a throw in in football?

No you can not score from a throw in.