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A ball with 'no spin' commonly known as a knuckleball has a misleading title. A knuckleball is actually thrown with the fingertips, and requires a balance of two different types of 'force' applied to the ball. A traditional throwing motion imparts backspin on the ball by the snapping of the wrist at release. By holding the ball with your fingertips pressing against the ball (near your fingernails), the extension of your fingers at relase imparts topspin. If done correctly, these actions essentially cancel each other out, which results in your arm and body motion forcing the ball towards the intended target, and your wrist and finger motion eliminate the spin. A knuckleball is the most difficult pitch to throw well, highlighted by the fact that knuckleball pithers are the rarest type of pitcher in any era of professional Baseball. Just some famous knuckleball (no-spin) pitchers are Joe and Phil Niekro (brothers), Charlie Hough, Tim Wakefield, Hoyt Wilhelm and Eddie Cicotte (part of the 1919 Black Sox Scandal). A knuckleball moves seemingly in every direction, and is extremely difficult to control, catch, and hit - not to mention throw.

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Q: How do you throw a baseball with no spin?
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