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you are not born with the talent of throwing a Baseball hard. all you have to do is work out a little bit.after that u practce throwing a baseball.try different ways of throwing it see wat fits u. watch baseball games and see how they throw after seeing them you might wanna try doing wat the do

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โˆ™ 2011-04-16 15:15:36
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Q: How do you throw a baseball hard?
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How hard does major league fielder throw a baseball?

very hard

How high can you trow a baseball?

If you meant throw, then it depends how hard and how much strengh you have to throw one

How do you throw a baseball really hard?

This is how you throw a baseball really hard. You take the ball and put your two fingers, the middle and the pointer you take those fingers put it on the top of the ball. The other fingers at the bottom of the ball. Then you raise your arm above your head and throw it as hard as you can. Make sure that you throw it when somebody is looking but make sure to throw it strait.

What do you call a hard throw in baseball?

95 to 104 mph

Will a football or a baseball accelerate faster?

it depends how hard you throw each

What effect might the stitches on a baseball have on the path of a baseball?

if you throw a 4-seam fastball and if you throw hard enough it will rise. a two-seam will just go straight

How can you be more accurate with your baseball pitch?

throw it as hard as possible dont suck

What do you call a hard throw in baseball using three letters?

Hrd thr

What is a baseball pass in basketball?

when you through the basketball with one hand beside your head really hard like a baseball throw.

How hard is baseball?

It's not hard at all. It is defiantly easier the younger you start. Once you learn to throw the ball correctly, and hit the baseball, and learn the sport, you can play the game!

Is it better to throw a ball with a stride or without?

Try it. Throw a baseball as hard as you can by standing flat-footed, then do the same by stepping toward your target and decide for yourself.

How to make my son throw a baseball hard?

Play Long Toss Like Make Him Throw As Far As He Can And Play Catch Like That For 30 Every Day

How many dead babies does it take to paint a wall?

Depends on how hard you throw them Depends on how hard you throw them

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and it comes back to you?

In order to throw a snowball as hard as you can and it come back to you, you must throw the snowball straight up into the air.

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can so it that it comes back to you the ball has nothing attached to it and no else can catch it or throw it?

This is obviously not a baseball question, but I'll humor you anyway. If you throw the ball straight up, gravity will pull it back down to you.

How far can you throw a flat football?

it depends on how hard you throw

How do you throw a baseball faster?

place your two fingers (index+middle) on the seams of the baseball and then throw it

Is throw a verb or noun in this sentence throw the ball as hard as you can?

In the sentence, 'Throw the ball as hard as you can.', the word 'throw' is the verb. In this imperative sentence, the subject of the sentence is implied; the subject is you.

How is kickball demonstrated?

you have a baseball field and you roll a bowling ball and you try to kick it as hard as you can and you try to catch it or throw it at the person who kicked it.

What does it mean to pitch around a hitter?

It means to throw balls (in baseball) that are hard to hit so that the hitter will not hit them but he might get walked.

Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

What is easier to do throw a baseball 60 mph or throw a shot-put 60 mph?


What would it be like to throw a baseball in space?

it will be wierd because when you throw it it will fly

What is the gyroball baseball?

Its a type of pitch you can throw in baseball :)

How do you throw a bird off a cliff?

to throw a bird off a cliff, you need to tape its wings to its body and throw as hard as you can.