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Very poorly worded question. Are you asking if you wreck someones car how to you go about telling them, or are you asking how can you tell if a vehicle has been wrecked? If it is the first question, then just tell them, I wrecked your car. If the second, then have the vehicle looked at by a qualified body shop.

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Q: How do you tell crashed his car?
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crashed it! get over it.

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It Is Believed It Was A Mechanical Fault With The Car, Not Ayrton's Fault

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If the car is not too much damaged than you can.

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You've crashed into an illegally parked car.... You can be sued...

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For each what sentences identify the simple predicate and identify whether it is an intransitive a transitive or a linking verb The drunken kid crashed his car?

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Return a finance car to the lender?

My car was crashed and I lost my job. How do I return the finance car to the lender?

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Can you get a DWI after you wrecked a car and are out of the car?

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