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she is dead

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โˆ™ 2011-02-24 00:52:11
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Q: How do you talk to Wilma Rudolph like talk to her on the phone?
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What do you talk about on the phone with the kid you like when there is nothing to talk about?

No, you just say hello, and talk to them like about boys or something

What do tu aimes parler au tรฉlรฉphone mean?

As a statement, 'You like to talk on the phone.' If asked as a question, 'Do you like to talk on the phone?'

You want talk to girl on phone but you dont know what to say?

talk about what they like in a guy

What means to communicate?

communicate means like talk someone from phone or computer and talk to them

What should you talk about on the phone with a guy whom you like?

Ask him about his interests and his likes and try to talk about them

How do you talk to a girl you like but you are both boring when it comes to talking on the phone how can you become more interesting?

Find out what she likes, and talk about that. You may find that you both share interests, and you can talk about that on the phone.

Is it ok to talk to girls on the phone if you are a Muslim?

you can if they like you or you know them

What do girls like to talk about over the phone?

they like to talk about girl stuff like fashion, clothes other girls and most of all BOYS!

Should a get an ipod touch or a phone?

it depends if you like to talk alot or if you like just the apps. if you like to talk, then iphone, if you like the apps, then itouch. i hope this was helpfull ;)

Speak on the phone or talk on the phone?

Talk on the phone. Unfortunately I am not a linguist and don't know why.

How do people talk through the phone?

you just get the phone dial the number of the person you want to talk to and then if they answer all you do is talk to them like if you would in real life. if they don't answer just leave a message of what you were going to say

What is Cat Osterman's phone number?

it is 1287549 she is cool to talk to and get get excited because she doesn't like that byw and your welcome. but that is her little sister phone she maby will give the phone to cat. it is 1287549 she is cool to talk to and get get excited because she doesn't like that byw and your welcome. but that is her little sister phone she maby will give the phone to cat.

How can I long talk with gril on phone?

You can talk on the phone as long as you want with a girl .Many times people talk for hours on the phone.

Why was the telephone invention important to society?

With phones you can talk on the phone and it would be harder to talk. Like, need another way to talk to people.

How do you i like to talk on the phone in french?

J'aime parler au téléphone

What are some topics i can talk to a girl i like about on the phone?

Talk about things you like, if she is a match she will like them too. If she is interested she will make conversation. Key is confidence in yourself and what you have to offer.

How do astronauts talk to their families?

Just like anyone else does. On the phone! If they are in space they don't talk to their family probably.

What is the best straight talk phone?

I like the Razr. In all honesty though, every straight talk phone seems to get good reviews. I use straight talk for my business line and it works really well.

How do you say you like to talk on the phone in french?

"j'aime parler au téléphone"

What to say on the phone to your girlfriend?

If you really like her then act cool and talk about things you both like.

If a guy does not understand signals how can you show him you like him without telling him you like him if he does not have a cell phone?

Talk to him

What to say to a girl on the phone if your quiet?

She will NOT laugh. She will think you are weird and not want to talk to you. You can start to talk to her about movies, or any new media out. When I talk to a guy on the phone, I like to talk about school and people that we know of. I also like to talk about stuff I have in common. Be nice and calm about it. Dont sound nervous because then she will be nervous and THAT is a train wreck waiting to happen.

What do 16 year old girls do?

Talk on the phone, giggle while talking to each other about boys, talk on the phone, hang out at the mall, talk on the phone, avoid being around their parents, and talk on the phone.

What can you talk about with your male friends on the phone at night?

You can talk about all kinds of things. Start with things like movies, the ones you like, the ones you would like to see. Talk about the things you would like to do, or things you have done, what have they done or would like to do.

How do you get a guy to like you if he doesnt have a phone and isn't in any of your classes?

Flirt like no tomorrow, call his home phone, bump into him to get an excuse to talk, get him to notice you