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you cant SORRY

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Q: How do you switch to the keeper on free kicks on fifa 09 for wii?
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Who is Rogerio Ceni?

He is a Brazilian Keeper that takes Pens and Free Kicks he is the all time top Keeper scorer

How do you get ankle tape on FIFA 10?

You have to win 10 free kicks in your career

Is ronaldo good at free kicks on fifa 09?

Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are the best on the game at freekicks.

How do you take great free kicks on FIFA 12?

full shot and directly pres forward

What teams are in FIFA 10?

i now have fifa 10 and the teams are fairly the same also there is now training area where you can take free kicks and everything

Is there arena in fifa 10 for ps2?

There is no 1v1 arena but there is arena where you can practise free kicks, penalties and corners.

How do you curve free kicks on FIFA 12?

As you are powering your shot, move your analog stick the way that you want the ball to curve

What are two types of free kicks in soccer?

Direct free kicks and indirect free kicks.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo get good grades?

Ronaldo scored 93 free amazing goat-slinging kicks majority swerved past the keeper

Do you make goal by direct goal kick?

There is no such thing as a "Direct Goal Kick." Goals can be scored from Goal Kicks Goals can be scored from Direct Free Kicks According to FIFA Laws of the Game

How do you score free kicks on fifa 09?

aim at a good space.(say the goal keeper was on the right,aim left.)hit circle for 1.5 the same time move the anolog circle to the right.youll rather make the goalkeeper work hard or score a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should david beckham take corner kicks or free kicks?

Free kicks definatly that is his strength. He was never really good at the tricks he is just known for free kicks. So free kicks all the way.

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