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With a mid-pocket, hard mesh.

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Q: How do you string your Warrior Evolution 2.0 lacrosse pocket?
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Can you string your lacrosse stick at a warrior lacrosse store?

you can have them string it for you, and they have stringing kits that you can buy

Women's lacrosse pocket?

a womens lacrosse pocket has a net with four vertical leather strips, with string weaving in its place.

How do you string a traditional lacrosse pocket?

I would try this website it helped me when i was trying to learn: If you need a visual demonstration I'd suggest looking up how to string a lacrosse stick on youtube

How do you string your lacrosse pocket?

Go to a sports store and by a mesh kit. IN the mesh kit should be directions on how to string a stick

How do you string women's lacrosse strings?

There really isn't any specific way to string a women's lacrosse head. There are multiple stringing patterns which are to provide each player with a pocket that works best for them and their position.

How do you tighten a lacrosse stick?

If you want more hold then tighten the bottom shooting string. If u want a smaller pocket then you can pull the string at the very bottom of the head.

Which lacrosse string is the top string?

the shooting string

What is the best way to string a lacrosse net?

probably one string with a up-side down U or V shape for the pocket and a few straight ones up top for whip in your shot.

How do o string a lacrosse goalie net?

take your lacrosse net to a store

How do you string a lacrosse net?

Check out Youtube.

Where can you get your lacrosse head strung?

you can see the dancing girls who did in the Duke Lacrosse team. she can string you up! I string lacrosse heads you can shoot me an email at i do dyes mesh traditional, everything!

How do you take extra string off a lacrosse stick?

You cut the extra string off

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