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the puck gets droped and the game begins

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2010-06-12 09:34:24
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Q: How do you start up an ice hockey league?
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How do you gear up for ice hockey?

girls:dress ,ice skates

How many minutes in a ice hockey game?

There are three twenty-minute periods in ice hockey, adding up to 60 minutes of play.

What is the length of an ice hockey stick?

It depends on how tall the player is. A hockey stick should be up to about the players nose when they are off ice. Did this help? laneylou16

Does the arena remove the ice when going from ice hockey to basketball?

In many places the ice is not removed; the basketball floor is placed over it. Of course, if they are not set up to put the floor over the ice, the ice is removed when going from ice hockey to basketball.

What is the thing that cleans up a hockey rink?

Ice hockey rinks are either hand plowed and watered or it is done by a zamboni.

What date does youth hockey start?

It depends on what league you are signing up for. Typically, tryouts start in July, practices and preseason games start in August/September, and the regular season starts in late September/early October.

What should be worn under ice hockey equipmen?

it's all up to you

Should you play Ice Hockey or Football?

it is up to you whatever you like best

Dartmouth Mens Ice Hockey Warm up Song?

A great one is "Thunderstruck" by ACDC. We always warm up to it on my ice hockey team. I also think "Holiday" by Green Day is a good one too.

How many teams are in the Western Collegiate Hockey League?

The league is made up of six teams from the Western United States.

What is the sport ice hockey?

Ice hockey is a sport in which the objective is to get a small black disc (or puck) into the opposing team's net (or over the goal line) using their stick. This sport consists of four positions: Center (1), forward (or offense) (2), D (or defense) (2), and a goalie. Both teams line up at center ice until the referee drops the puck. For more on positions, look up "What are the positions in ice hockey?"For information on hockey regulations, ask the question, "What are the basic rules of ice hockey?"Hope this helped

How does one get involved in Midget hockey?

sign up for the league at the local rink in the offseason

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