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if your on a PSP you can only create a new season I.E start over again. PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles allow you to start a new season right after the season is over.

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Q: How do you start a new season in NBA 2K11?
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What are the five longest nba losing streaks to start a season?

New Jersey Nets had, 0 win and 18 loss to start there NBA season. Then they won there first game of the NBA Season. Miami Heat had, 0 win and 17 loss to start there NBA Season. Then they won there first game of the NBA Season.

Who had the longest losing streak to start a season in the NBA?

New Jersey Nets. 2009-2010.

Can you update my roster NBA 2K11 for psp?

Unfortunately alot of the new sports games on PSP dont have infrastrure mode which is online like multiplayer and the internet. It only has ad hoc which is if your friend has NBA 2k11 for psp then you and him can play NBA 2k11 in the same room. So if you want to update your rosters you have to go on a website on your computer and download them there. I know right? I am pissed off too!

How much does NBA 2k11 coast?

Pre-owned is $32.99*, and brand new is $59.99 **= Only in United States

What is the longest losing streak to start an NBA season?

New Jersey Nets with an 0-18 losing streak

What New York Knicks player retired just before the start of the 2005-06 NBA season?

Allan Houston

Will 2ksports make NBA 2k11?

YES! Every year 2K sports has been releasing new basketball games related to the NBA. 2011 will not be an exceptional year! 2K sports will release NBA 2K11 but, it will take some time as 2K10 is just released on October 2009. 2K10 may be having many upcoming features and changes. And also many trades of players, new drafts, some new superstars and many more are yet to be done.

What is the worst team in NBA history?

This changes from season to season. The New Jersey Nets, who now own the record for most losses to start a season, are the NBA's worst team for the 09-10 season.Right now in the season its definately the new jersey nets then minnesota timberwolvesgrizzlies are also bad

Can you use created players in the Association Mode on NBA 2K11 and how?

Yes you can but before making a new Association career you must load the rosters before entering unless you already have.

What was the longest losing streak an NBA team had to start off a season?

New Jersey Nets,2009-2010 They started with, 0 win and 18 loss, record.

What was the longest losing streak an NBA team had for this season?

new jersey nets

When does Pretty Little Liars start its new season?

The new season should start sometime in January.