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It is all in the motion of the serve, instead of hitting the ball straight forward, slice the ball with the paddle in order to keep the ball along the entire surface area of the paddle in a more or less downward motion and that will induce spin.

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Q: How do you spin serve in ping pong?
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Can you spin on a serve in ping pong?

You cannot spin the ball when you throw it up while serving. You can create spin from your racket on the serve though.

What are the different types of ping pong serves?

There are many different types of ping pong serves. For instance, holding the paddle differently can give players great spin. Spin and slice serves are effective. So is a flat hard fast serve.

In ping pong does the serve have to leave the table?


Which is the best looping ping pong blade?

Depends on you... what you want (spin, speed, control, good grip...) what you feel more comfortable with. In conclusion, there's not a BEST PING PONG BLADE but there is YOUR best ping pong blade.

Can you serve in ping pong while in a sitting position?

There is no rule specified saying you can not serve while sitting. Ping Pong is played by people who stand by choice and by people who permanently sit.

What is purpose of Microsoft?

ping pong ping pong ping pong fU

What is Chinese ping pong?

Chinese ping pong is Chinese ping pong.

When playing ping-pong on the first serve and you miss the table is it a redo?


What happens if you drop the ping pong ball when you go to serve?

forfeit point

What is correct Ping Pong or ping pong?

Ping Pong is correct because it is a national/ international sport

What is a ping pong paddle made out of and why?

it is made of wood cover with rubber to make the ball spin

Is ping pong a sport?

Ping-pong is a sport it is affiliated with hand eye coordination. The U.S. does have a ping-pong team and Singapore also have ping pong team.

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