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That is the correct spelling of "steal" meaning to slap away and take the ball.

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Q: How do you spell steal like basketball?
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How is the legislative branch like basketball?

They both steal?

How do you spell offense like in a basketball game?


What is an interception called in basketball?

In basketball, it's called a steal.

How do you spell pivot like in basketball?

That is the correct spelling of "pivot" in basketball (to turn the body about on one foot).

What does STL stand for in basketball?


Is a steal a turnover in basketball?


What is steal in basketball?

A Steal in basketball is when you stael the ball from your oponent. so if ou either intersept the ball when he is about to shoot or when you grab the ball from him when he is dribling

Can you strip the ball in basketball?

NO... you would have to steal it ... stripping the ball like in football would Intel that you wrestling for the ball in basketball they will call it a foul or a jump ball if you try to strip it ...

What is the filexibility in basketball?

in basketball you have to be able to jump and move your body in a way to steal the ball or get it in the basket.

What sentence is for conceal about basketball?

When playing basketball, it is important to conceal the ball from your opponents who would try to steal it from you.

How do you spell basketball spanish?

In Spanish, "basketball" is spelled "baloncesto" or "balón".

How do you spell basketball in French?

"Basketball" is spelled "Basket-ball" in French.

How do you spell basketball?

That is the correct spelling of "basketball" (the game or the ball used in it).

What do you call it when you take the ball from someone else in basketball?


What are skills in basketball?

the fundementals: dribble, shoot, steal, rebound

How do you spell basekektball?

It is spelled basketball :)

Are you allowed to steal the ball from the opponent in basketball?

Yes, without fouling

What does st mean in basketball box scores?

st stands for steal

Can you equip an Equip Spell Card to a monster your opponent controls?

Yes. Cards like 'Snatch Steal' would be useless otherwise.

How do you spell hijacking?

The correct spelling is "hijacking" (to seize or steal).

Anyone know where to find a decent leather basketball with the Texas Longhorns logo on it?

go to the gym at Texas university and steal a basketball.

Who like basketball?

Me like basketball

Why are black guys so good at basketball?

because they can hit, steal and run

What does 'picking pockets' mean in basketball?

it means that you steal it while the opponent is dribbling

What is it called when you're dribbling a basketball and the defense takes the ball away from you?

A steal.