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Q: How do you slow down a gas Yamaha golf cart?
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How do you troubleshoot a Yamaha g2 golf cart carburetor?

my g2 runs full when you step on the pedal and is very touchy when going slow when looking for a ball and sometimes when its is warmed up it will backfire first before it starts running.

Are golf carts legal on Texas streets?

Yes, at least until September 1,2008. A golf cart must be titled and registered to be driven on a street with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. A golf cart is registered as a passenger vehicle with a gc body type. All slow moving vehicle laws apply when operating a cart on the street.

Does friction cause a golf ball to slow down?

Yes, things such as longer grass and water on the greens will slow a ball down.

When a cart splashes through water it slows down what force acts on the car to slow it down?

The force of friction between the wheels of the cart and the water causes it to slow down. As the wheels push through the water, the water exerts a resistance force in the opposite direction of the motion, reducing the cart's speed.

Why does your mk1 golf cabriolet keep cutting out when you slow down?

Because your punk!!

What are the forces that act in an opposite direction to the motion of a cart?

Frictional forces, such as rolling resistance and air resistance, act in an opposite direction to the motion of a cart. These forces create resistance that opposes the cart's forward motion and can slow it down.

How do you find the year of a melex golf cart?

I simply wire bristled at a slow speed , the tag, on the motor revealing a number combo 08/78 (August 1978) Good Luck

Why the acceleration of the cart decreases?

The acceleration of a cart can decrease due to various factors such as friction, air resistance, or an opposing force acting in the opposite direction. As these forces counteract the initial acceleration, they cause the cart to slow down and reduce its overall acceleration.

Why does your club car electric golf cart seem to run slow?

if all your batteries are good and charged up you have a bad speed solenoid if your cart is older than 1993. But, if its a newer cart you could have a bad controller box. Make sure your batteries are good, it only takes one bad cell in one battery to mess things up sometimes

How do you tune 2002 Yamaha yz85?

buy a Yamaha yz 125 if that's to slow for you

How fast is a Yamaha DT100?

very slow

Can you play golf while wearing a knee brace?

Yes you cazn play golf wearing a knee brace. After rehabilitation and the ok from the doc to go out again the knee brace is a great extra support while golfing and the slow pace of the golfing and a cart are a great way to gain strength back.