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Soft Floor UK have a good range of exercise & gym mats, for everything from aerobics to gymnastics, yoga and Martial Arts. See for more info.

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Can a gym mat be used for yoga, or do you need to have a yoga specifc mat ?

A gym mat is a bit to thick, a yoga mat is thin and stays in place on the floor so you could do your yoga movements correctly.

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What is a good way to get stronger without going to the gym?

Jogging/running, do pullups on your door frame, do pushups on a rug, or do crunches on a mat.

Get Your Own Basic Exercise Equipment To Save On Gym Costs?

Are you tired of paying to go to the gym? What you should do is get the equipment that you would use at the gym anyway. Think about your daily routine. Many people use exercise equipment like a bike and a pair of dumbbells. They may also use a mat to do sit-ups or crunches. Instead of paying one hundred dollars or more to go to the gym, you can buy used equipment from those who no longer need it. You can get a bike, some dumbbells, and a mat for the price of a membership, and you can use them for years.

Why does the guy you like kick away your friend's mat which is right next to you and put his mat on her spot when there're many spaces for him to choose from in gym class?

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a mat with a G on it A G-MAT IS ANOTHER WORD FOR PAPER.

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What are some essential fitness equipment to have in a home gym?

The most basic home gym should include a workout mat at the very least. A soft surface to exercise on is essential for any gym. Next, a bench and a set of free weights along with a pull-up bar would round out a good setup. With these few pieces of equipment a person could do 75% of the exercises that a professional gym would have.

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a safety mat or is also known as the bench mat

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What is a ground mat?

the earthing mat on the earth

What is the name of a muslin mat?

a prayer mat

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Mat (door mat, place mat) is a homophone for Matt (a person's name).

What equipment should I consider for my home gym?

The equipment you select should be based on your physical fitness goals. For example, if you want to lose weight and increase your heartbeat than aerobic equipment is important. Some examples are a stationary bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical trainer. For building muscle dumbbells is an option. Having a TV in your home gym is also a good idea so you can play DVD's or Video related to your exercising. An open space with/without a mat can be helpful for doing exercise video's or Yoga.

Difference between mat foundation and isolated footing?

Isolated footings are constructed invidually & Mat foundation is making of mat and connecting all footings with this mat

What fabrics can one use to weave a bath mat?

mat cane be used for a best bath mat