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To select an Ice Hockey skate, first, you have to buy it. Put on the sock you would normally wear when you wear skates. Put on the skates, and put on skate gaurds. Walk around your house for about 1 hour with them on. If you dont feel any pains, you can keep them, if you do feel pains, return them, and get a different size or brand.

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Q: How do you select an ice hockey skate?
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What do you do at flyers skate zone?

skate and play ice hockey

Do hockey players skate?

yes. It would seem logical that if you're going to play "ICE" hockey , one would have to be able to skate.

Who invented the ice hockey skate?

The ice skate is neolithic (stone age). The sport ice hockey has a confusing history (see the related link). the first recorded games were played in the 1850's.

What is world fastest game basketball or ice hockey?

Handball lol, some guy who has obviously never been to an ice hockey match. Ice Hockey is faster then both handball and basketball. There is no argument. One can skate faster then one can run due to the lack of friction between the skate blade and the ice.

Is ice hockey as easy as it looks?

no it is hard, you have to be able to skate and be able to play hockey at the same time

Is ice hockey hard to play?

It is hard if you dont know how to skate.

Can a player in ice hockey skate into the crease if the puck is not in the crease?


What skills are required to perform ice hockey?

Well first of all you need to know how to ice-skate!

Why do hockey players like the ice hard and cold?

so its easyer to skate on

What sport uses a skate?

ice hockey figure skating

What are the Youth ice hockey skate sizes?

The same as youth shoe sizes.

Why do you have ice skates?

I have ice skates.. because I am a figure skater.. Unless you play ice hockey, figure skate or speed skate there is not really another reason you would own some!

How deep should the ice be to ice skate safely?

5 inches is thick enough to skate on safely...maybe 6 inches if you are playing hockey. Check the ice depth with a drill in numerous spots because thickness can vary.

Do they sell ice hockey skates in Chicago?

I think yes. You can check in different sports store anywhere in Chicago to find the ice hockey skate that you like and you are most comfortable with.

How do you put on a ice hockey skate holder?

Simply go to your hockey or sports pro shop and they will take out rivets to switch holders.

How thick is the ice of a rink?

The ice on a hockey rink is approximately 3/4" thick. The thicker it is, the slower is is to skate, and that is not good.

How do select hockey skates?

You choose your hockey skates on a few main criteria. The criteria are the skaters level of experience and the budget that you want to stay with-in. Also, the use of the skate will play a role on which skate to select. Ice hockey skates range from beginner to expert level skates. Depending on your skill level, you can narrow down a certain grouping of skates to chose from. If you are a beginner skater then you want to select a beginner skate, the technical aspects will be different then an expert skate. Hockey skates also vary in price, they can can range anywhere from $50-$650. So based on your personal finances, you will have a budget to stay with-in. On a side note, you can usually get a deal on last years model or a close-out model, this way you can get a more technical skate for a lower price. Last, the use of the skate. If you are just going out to pond skate then you need a pair of skates that are comfortable and usually on the lower end of the price range. You will not need skates that are expensive just to go out and have some fun. But if you are a series league skater then you need the higher technical skates.

Who is Clint melarchuk?

A Buffalo Sabres NHL Hockey Player. Injured by an ice skate in 2007.

How old do you have to be to play ice hockey?

there is no limit you can start whenever you want, just as long as you can skate

Does the letter r in ice hockey skate sizes mean regular which is also d?


How are in-line skates roller skates and ice skates alike?

I used to play roller-hockey. I was always told that if you could skate in in-line skates you could ice skate. The balance and weight distribution is the same.

Can a player in ice hockey skate into the crease if the puck is in the crease?

Yes, but still cannot interfere with the goalie.

What Nouns relate to ice?

The word ice is a noun, as well as icicle and iciness. Some compound nouns related to ice are ice cream, ice crystals, ice floe, ice cube, iceberg, ice hockey, icicles, and ice skate.

Why are ice skates different than the other kinds of skates?

Ice skates are different because they have blades on them and they are designed differently than per Se roller skates. Roller skates have more padding and have wheels on them, while figure skates have blades on them. If one wanted to compare a figure skate to a hockey skate, for example, a hockey skate does not have toe-picks while a figure skate does. Hope this helps :)

What is pump skate in hockey?

A pump hockey skate is a skate that you pump air into so it fits your foot better. Reebok is the manufacturer of them.