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When you have the Basketball, you dribble across the court, and shoot into the hoops (Or you can pass). If you do that without a foul, you get two points. If you shoot from the three-pointer line, you get three points. You can also do free shots, but you'll need to receive a foul for that. If you make one, you get a point, make both, you get two. The team with most point wins!

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Q: How do you score and win the game basketball?
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What is the objective of a basketball game?

The Objective of a basketball game is to score points and win the game.

How many points does a team have to score to win a basketball game?


What do basketball players do in games?

they play basketball, try to score baskets, and try to win the game :)

What is the objective on a basketball?

The objective in basketball is to score points for your team to win. The team that has the most points wins the game.

How do you win basketball games?


how do i win a basketball game?

The Objective of a basketball game is to score points and win the game.

What is Try to score in basketball?

trying to win

What is trying to score in basketball called?

trying to win

Trying to score in basketball is called?

trying to win

What is a game score in basketball?

It's what the score of the game is currently (i.e. 44-25).

What is the best way to win in basketball?

Score more points.

What are the function of scorer in the basketball game?

To score.

How do you calculate the score of the basketball game?


The objectives in the game basketball?

dribble and score

What is the score of the basketball game?


Who do you think will win the basketball game?

Which game? I think I would win.

What are the calls in basketball?

Calls in basketball are plays which is like a strategy to score in a game.

What are the most greatest things basketball players do?

score, rebound, win

What is the score of a forfeited basketball game?


How do you use math when playing basketball?

Score the game.

What is the highest recorded score for a basketball game?

the nba's highest scoring game ever was the 184-186 Detroit vs denver game, Detroit able to get the win in triple overtime!!!!!!!!!!!

The team score in a basketball game depends on the number of baskets scored in the game?

Score(baskets), or S(b)

What is the main objective of the basketball game?

to win

What is the score of a forfieted game?

The score for a forfeited game is a 2-0 win for the opposing team.

What is the highest score in a college basketball game?

5 by ucla