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A "sac".

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This depends on the outcome of the at bat:

***if the bunt successfully advances another baserunner to the next base and the batter is out at 1st then it is a "Sac Bunt" -- no official at-bat

***if the bunt does not successfully advance the other baserunners then you score it as an out using the fielding numbers to idicate who is credited with the put out -- this is a fielders choice, the at-bat would count, no hit given

***if nobody is on base and you reach successfully to first base then you are credited with a single

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Q: How do you score a sacrifice bunt on the score sheet?
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What does SAC stand for in Baseball box score?

Sacrifice. Either a sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly. Neither counts as an at bat.

How is a sacrifice fly different from a sacrifice bunt?

A sacrifice fly is a fly ball that is caught for an Out, but that allows a runner to tag up and score. A sacrifice bunt is a ball that is "tapped" with the intent of sacrificing an Out (the batter) to advance the runner or runners on base.

In baseball what is a sacrafice?

Official baseball rule 10.09 (a) Score a sacrifice bunt when, before two are out, the batter advances one or more runners with a bunt and is put out at first base, or would have been put out except for a fielding error. (b) Score a sacrifice bunt when, before two are out, the fielders handle a bunted ball without error in an unsuccessful attempt to put out a preceding runner advancing one base.

Does a sacrifice bunt hurt your batting average?

No, since a sacrifice bunt does not count as an at bat the batter's average stays the same.

What does s mean in baseball stats?

Strike In the box score an "s" denotes a sacrifice bunt. This results in an out for the batter, but the baserunner moves up a base.

What is a bunt that allows a baserunner to move to the next base while the batter gets out?

A sacrifice bunt.

If a player hits the ball to the right side of the infield so that the runner on third could score is that considered a sacrifice?

No, it is not considered a sacrifice unless the batter is advanced as a result of a bunt. Also, a fly ball that is caught is only considered a sacrifice if a runner tags and scores on the play. If a runner tags at 1B or 2B on the caught fly ball, and advances one base, it is not considered a sacrifice fly.

When someone bunts the ball and runs to first and the fielder throws to home trying to get the out there does the bunt-er have a hit or a sacrifice as no one was put out?

I would consider it a hit/bunt. It is a sacrifice bunt if the bunter knows they will get out so another runner can advance or get a run. Hope this kind of helps

What does the S in baseball hitters' box scores refer to?

Sacrifice bunt

If a run scores as a result of a sacrifice bunt is the batter awarded an rbi?


Does a sacrifice bunt count as an at bat if they make an error first base?


What is SAC in scoring baseball?

Sac stands for sacrifice bunt.