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Badminton is very much like Tennis in that you score by simply having the birdie hit the ground on the other player's side of the field before he or she can hit it back. The main difference is that while Tennis is scored by 15 -> 30 -> 40 -> game, Badminton is most typically scored in incriments of 1.

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Q: How do you score a point in badminton?
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Who is the only player who can score a point in badminton?


What is the maximum score in badminton in double?

the maximum score of badminton is 25

What is the maximum score for a badminton game?

the maximum score of badminton is 21 but depend on the score for example the score is 21-20 that dosen't count unless it is 22-20 so make sure the score for the leading player is leading by 2 point.

How do you make a point in a badminton match?

In the previous 15 point format you have to serve and then win that point to get a point added to your score Now in the 21 point format every time you win a particular point your score is added.

What does a scorer do in badminton?


How do you score in a badminton match?

If you served, and it lands on the ground - or whatever surface you are playing on - on your opponents side, you score. If you did not start the serve, you don't get the point.

How do you score to score a point in badminton?

Either your opponent hits the shuttle outside the court, or the shuttle hits the floor on your opponents side of the court.

What is the role of score keeper in badminton?

To keep score.

What is the objective of badminton?

To score a point by hitting the shuttlecock over the net in such a way that the opponent is unable to return it

How many serves each do you have in badminton?

1 unless you score the following point, if not the opposite person serves.

Can your team score In badminton if it was not serving?

In real badminton, its just winner servers, meaning whoever got the point gets the serve. The other player(s) can still get the point even if they are not serving. The only time where the server is the only one who can get a point is in really really, unprofessional and amateur badminton.

What are the score in badminton?

Score means the points made by you and your opponent.

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