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A base hit.

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2010-03-07 18:14:10
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Q: How do you score a fly ball lost in sun?
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Catch the sun what mean?

Catching the sun refers to being able to catch a fly ball despite the sun shining in one's face. Professional baseball players must use sunglasses and learn special techniques to achieve this, because "I lost it in the sun" is not a valid excuse.

How far does a golf ball fly when it has been in the sun for an hour?

It doesn't go any farther or shorter when left in the sun.

Is the sun a star shape or a ball?

The sun is a ball

How is a ball on a string like a planet in its orbits?

The ball is the planet in orbit, the person twirling it is like the sun. the string is the gravitational pull between the two, while the orbital velocity of the ball tries to escape (if you let the ball go it would fly away).

Why sun is a ball of fire?

Sun is a ball of fire because it is covered with fire

Did Hermes fly into the sun?

In Greek Mythology, Hermes may have visited Helios, but he did not "fly into the sun".

What is the in field fly rule?

all it is if you hit a pop fly in the in field and it a player is under the ball for more than 5 seconds then they will call an in field fly which will mean it doesnt matter if the player drops it because it is an out. i always thiught it was for the sun so the players wouldn't mess up because the sun mostly covers the in field

What does the sun have?

the sun is a big ball of gas

Is the sun a soild?

The sun is a ball of gas

If i were in the sun and you were out of itwhat would the sun be?

The sun would be a ball of hydrogen and helium atoms and a ball of constant nuclear fusion.

Where do lost comets go?

The universe is a big place, and there's any number of places a comet we've lost site of could go. It could fly off in to a distant reach of space, it could impact a planet or asteroid, or it could even fly in to a sun and burn up.

Is it quicker to fly to the moon than it is to fly to the sun?

The moon is much closer to us than the sun is.

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