How do you score 10m platform diving?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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You decide which dives you are going to perform before the competition, in mens competition 6 dives have to be performed from the 6 different diving groups. Women have to perform 5 different dives.

Each dive has a degree of difficulty, simple dives may have a DD as low as 1.2 but the hardest dives have DD's of up to 4.1.

The diver performs the dive in front of 5-7 judges. The judges mark from 0-10 with 1/2 marks in between. when the judges have presented their scores, for example with 5 judges: 6, 6.5, 6, 7, 5.5. The lowest and highest score's are ignored to get the average 3 marks, in this case: 6, 6 & 6.5 (the 5.5 and 7 were ignored). 6,6 & 6.5 makes 18.5 this score is multiplied by the DD to give the final score of the dive. So if the dive had a DD of 1.2 then the score would be 22.2, but if the DD of the dive was 4.1, the score would be 75.85

Hope this makes sense.

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Q: How do you score 10m platform diving?
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When was 10m platform diving introduced to the Olympics?

Womens 10m platform diveing was introduced in the 1912 Olympics

How high is an Olympic high dive platform from platform to pool?

3m Springboard is 3m 5m springboard is 5m 10m Platform is 10m

How many events is Tom Daley in?

That depends on which competition he enters. There are several events. 3m platform, 10m platform, synchronised, or diving boards.

What is the highest olympic diving board?

There are two diving boards used at the Olympics. One is the 3 Metre springboard; the other the 10 Metre platform.

What is the main difference between 3M springboard or 10M platform AND Synchronized 3M springboard Synchronised or 10M platform SO HOW does being Synchronised change the way the event is held?

Synchronised diving is done by 2 persons, synchronised together to attain the best results, while normal diving is done by 1 person to attain the best results.

Is there platform diving lessons in or near Northampton?

Can you get the Corby? They have a 5m platform and diving lessons.

What is the smallest diving platform?

The smallest diving platform is a 1m. But, there are many other diving platforms. Such as, 3m,5m and 7m etc.

How many Golds Silvers Bronzes has Tom Daley at the Commonwealth Games?

Tom Daley has won four Commonwealth Games medals: three gold (10m platform in 2010 & 2014 and 10m platform synchronized in 2010) and one silver (10m platform synchronized in 2014).

What is the height of the official Olympic Games diving boards?

Olypmic diving boards are either 3 meter spring boards or 10 meter platforms. The divers must compete by performing five to six dives in their individual event. The following events are judged: * Women's Three-meter Springboard * Men's Three-meter Springboard * Women's 10-meter Platform * Men's 10-meter Platform * Women's Three-meter Synchronized Springboard * Men's Three-meter Synchronized Springboard * Women's 10-meter Synchronized Platform * Men's 10-meter Synchronized Platform

What is Tom Daley highest board?

The highest is the 10m platform.

Has Tom Daley won any gold medals?

Since competing in competitions Tom has won around 43 medals to date. He has 15 Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. Tom did exceptionally well in the 2012 Fina World Series in Dubai, Beijing, Moscow and Mexico. Dubai - He won Silver in the 10m Platform. Beijing - He won Silver in the 10m Platform. Beijing - He won Silver in the 10m Synchro. Moscow - He won Silver in the 10m Platform. Mexico - He won Bronze in the 10m Synchro. Mexico - He won Gold in the 10m Platform. (Tom's first Gold medal)

The two forms of diving are spring board diving and?

Springboard and Platform.