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In portuguese (language spoken in Brazil) "soccer" is called: Futebol

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Q: How do you say soccer in Brazil?
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Is Brazil stronger than Argentina in soccer?

For the moment I would say they are qual to Brazil. But in history its Brazil, of course.

What are Brazil's achievements?

good soccer team or should say worlds best soccer team and have a lot trophies

Why is soccer important to Brazil?

Yes soccer is important in Brazil, their most popular sport.

What soccer league is Brazil in?

Brazil are no a club level team, therefore they play internationaly

What is the soccer mascot for Brazil?

there is no mascot for brazil

Where is soccer popular country?

Brazil is where soccer

Who is better Brazil or Italy in soccer?

Brazil by far.

What is the best soccer team nation?


In Brazil is soccer the main sport?

Yes it is but there are other main sports too. But i would have to say it kinda is.

What is the history of soccer in Brazil?

Pele played in the seventies. That's huge on Brazil Soccer History (BSH)

What sports do they have in Brazil?


Is there a sport from Brazil?

Soccer is the most popular sport from Brazil.