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A tip for rotating your hips while doing an ariel is to pretend your doing a cart wheel. Vision your hands going and hitting the ground. (But don't Lol) Also practice running, hertling, then do a fast cart-wheel, but only land on you second hand for doing a cart wheel, it really helps your aerial.

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Not really consider rotate you hips you pull up swing pull up

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Q: How do you rotate your hips in a toe touch?
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What is toe jump?

I think you are talking about a toe touch possibly? It is a jump where you jump and bring your toes up and out while rotating your hips. ~EA

How do you do a toe back?

A toe back is really a touch touch backhandspring. After you land your toe touchjump right into your backhandspring.

Who has the highest toe touch in the world?

Toe touches are a very hard thing to do. I have an over extended toe touch. A hyper extended toe touch is any where higher than that. A hyper extended toe touch is anywhere from almost liking yourself in the head to actually kicking yourself in the head.

Why do Lionel messi need agility during?

to rotate his hips, cuse the way he moves his hips tricks the player, and his speed helps him to dribble

Will the perfect push up make your punch stronger?

In short, no. The power of a punch comes from several things, not just chest strength. You must plant your feet, pivot on your toe, turn your hips, rotate your shoulders, snap your elbow, and flick your wrist.

What is the regalement height of a cheerleading toe touch?

the toe-touch should be at least up to your waist but if it isn't then you will need a little practice.

What was the first cheerleading jump?

toe touch

Is a toe touch required for cheerleading?

yes toe touches are the most common jumps in cheerleading

How can you get your legs even in a toe touch?

Try hip flexors. Sit on the ground in a stradle and put your hands in front and behind your body. Then rotate your legs in a circle in the air. Those will get your legs higher and might make them even.

Is it possible to touch your head with your toe?

yes it is possible i can do it

What does the medical abbreviation TTWB mean?

TTWB stands for toe touch weight bearing. It means using crutches in such a way that the toe can touch the floor, but bears no weight.

What is a passe in ballet?

a passe is when you touch your toe to the side of your knee.