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peel it off.

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Q: How do you remove a ball stop from a lacrosse head?
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What is a ball stop in lacrosse?

ball stop in lacrosse is a piece of foam material that has an adhesive on one side that allows it to stick to the throat area of the lacrosse head. the ball stop allows players to catch passes and have the ball not bounce off of the bottom plastic.

What are the pros and cons of a lacrosse goalie stick?

a pro is that you can stop the ball and through far a con is that you can't throw accurate

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If you play as a lacrosse goalie how do you get use to the shots thrown to the lower corners of the goal?

As a goalie myself, the best way to stop shots at the lower corners is to step towards the shot and in the direction it is headed and widen your base to about shoulder width apart with you lacrosse head in between your calfs with the top of the head touching the ground.

When do lacrosse teams stop practicing?

we practice is over

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Difference between lacrosse and sofcrosse?

•Lacrosse is heaps rough and Sofcrosse isn't. •Lacrosse sticks have no bar going across the catcher to stop the ball from falling out and the catcher is made out of some stringy stuff while Sofcrosse sticks' catcher is plastic and has the bar.

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What are lacrosse defense man's responsibility?

To lock off his man in a man to man coverage or to cover a certain area in a zone defense. Which 1 is depending on which defense your team runs

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